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Well, I think I am ready for Open Carry come this October

  1. [​IMG]

    My boss will maybe SHP for a few scant seconds but he'll approve. It'll be fun! The wife thinks I am delirious and a public menace. Can hardly wait.
  2. Nice looking pistol, but pink handles??? "To each his own."
  3. So you are going to start open carrying just to get a rise out of people?
  4. That's typically why people OC in the first place...

    It's lame if you ask me.
  5. Agreed
  6. I haven't found a OC holster for my EXTAR pistol yet. May have to have one custom made.


    It's a .223 but it's most useful at close range where the blast blows away the top half of the bad guy.

  7. Yes.

    If it's for Breast Cancer Awareness Month couldn't that possibly make my open carry less offensive to people who feel threatened by OC? Maybe I can help people relax around legal Open Carry if I am doing it for a cause.

    I think it is worth trying, anyway.

    Should I re-think this idea????
  8. Are you going to OC at a breast cancer rally or just explain it to everyone that gasps at your gun in your daily life?
  9. Interest.

    Hell, why not.
  10. Well, you could always opt for a pink ribbon instead...
  11. If I am OC'ing this during October "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" are people really going to openly gasp and be freaked out? I really didn't foresee that possibility. Should I be re-thinking this whole idea of a openly carried sidearm when I am out in public? I thought that this would help start a conversation with some people who were not comfortable about seeing me and a gun.
  12. I'm not an advocate of open carry in public at all for any reason, but to each their own.
  13. I'm all for supporting breast cancer awareness, but I don't think pink grips will remove the fear that some people have when seeing a gun. If anything it will probably draw more attention to the gun from people who may not have noticed it otherwise. Most people won't understand the grips unless you explain them anyway.

    Like BAC, I'm not a fan of open carry. I like my gun hidden until I need it.
  14. My thoughts exactly I would not OC, even it were legal here.
  15. If work is ok with carrying openly I like the pink for the awareness month.
  16. You open carrying with the right attitude and personality is certainly more acceptable than cancer. I like the grips for this event but would tone it down for day to day life.
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  18. It is here in PA dont even need a permit/license to do so but id never do it. And that old "i may get people to look at oc/guns differently" is crap thats not how it works. You dont get through to,epople or change their minds by OC you just irritate people that if you were CC wouldnt have a clue..it makes it worse not better. But to each their own good luck.
  19. Don't know about the pink grips. If it's legal, and he wants to do it......fine with me.

    For myself, I don't plan to OC anytime soon.......

    .......but, If it became common place to OC, I mean you see it being done everywhere you look, and dozens of times per day.......well, I might do it. I just would never do it, if I were the only one doing it.

    Do I think it's a good thing? Well, yes, I believe so......only because it's educational for the ********, and unaware people.....not that it doesn't irritate, or P the liberals off.....it does, but so be it.

  21. If your object is to actually make people aware of breast cancer, forget the gun - get breast!

    Implant a nice big set of 44's and wear your shirt unbuttoned really low.
    You will get the chance to reach many many more people.

    You will then earn our respect for your work in the Breast Cancer Awareness Movement.

    Maybe you aren't really that big of a supporter after all?
  22. Go for it Nitesite!!!
  23. First, good for you showing public support for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

    This is a big deal to my wife's family, had lost several of the older family to it back in the 1960's and 1970's, so everyone, both male and female, get checked regularly and several are alive today because they got treatment early.

    I'm another person who does not advocate open carry in most situations. When hunting, sure, have my Witness on my hip just in case, but as it makes some people uncomfortable I do not wish to offend, and frankly isn't necessary. I can get to my CCW no problem.

    I guess the question nobody has asked is, are you LEO or in a job where open carry is appropriate? If so, rock on and thanks for your support.
  24. Yeah, I'm only against doing it in public. In the woods or in the fields is totally different.
  25. No.

    I'm hoping that it will generate smiles and polite conversation come October.

    Why would people gasp at my sidearm?

    I'm a uniform cop (patrol) and this is my current duty pistol . I disclose my job in my profile. I thought many of you knew that, because there were many favorable comments following the recently posted photo thread I started showing off this exact same gun with the exact same background only wearing different grips. Some of you who criticize me here even commented in that thread. And in that thread I said that I was rocking it on duty.

    So it's open carry at my job and I said that my boss knows. Sheesh.
  26. Well that makes a world of difference. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :)
  27. So you just feigned ignorance when we all were against open carry?

    Sounds like you just wanted to start an argument.

    Usually law enforcement doesn't claim to be open carrying. They say "this is what I'll carry on duty".
  28. I'm all for breast awareness.
  29. And even then, in certain situations, it is not appropriate. As I work in the woods, from time to time I encounter neighbors while digging up property corners. I'd rather they see the ghey fanny pack with rolls of pink and orange flagging hanging off of them than the Glock 26 inside the fanny pack.

    For those whom have never worn one, an appendix cross draw fanny pack is probably one of the fastest draws for those of us who don't do competition you will find. I've done it one handed while keeping my eye on a couple coyotes once, while not as fast as using both hands is easily doable.
  30. I'm all for it as well.
  31. I have nothing against OC . But from what ive seen it brings a hole lot of unwanted BS Down on you, as I walk on buy without a hitch :supergrin:
  32. Like others, I didn't connect that you were law enforcement, and my first instinct was I am not a fan of open carry (I see it fairly often around here, and let others choose for themselves, but it is not for me).

    If an officer and this is your sidearm, go ahead and rock the pink! The only thing I would suggest is to avoid the slacktivism element this (and a few other) big causes seem to be developing. Make sure the company who sold you the pink grips donates to a legit breast cancer cause, or do so yourself.

    Using the color without kicking in to the cause increases noisy awareness, but all the awareness in the world doesn't solve the problem. We could all wear pink from head to toe, but unless it translates into somebody doing something meaningful, nothing changes... and breast cancer continues on as before, just in more colorful surroundings.

    I do like the fact that law enforcement officers get engaged in local events and tie into the fabric. Good luck, and stay safe!
  33. 100% lol should have said that in the original post :) total different response from me then lol..go for it thanks!
  34. yeah I get that also I dont often read a persons profile and I get the same stuff...I will say something like im going from PA to NY or Maine or..well wherever and im taking my snubby....then i get a bunch of PM saying that im evil and violating the law..when in my profile it says covered by LEOSA so its not illegal...guess its pretty normal not to pay attention to peoples profiles :) I know I didnt..sorry OP great cause, stay safe and carry on :) .
  35. If anybody has ever been to a place where OC is acceptable... there is very little concerns by those folks who see it everyday. The more people that see It... the more acceptable it becomes. Obviously... there's a bunch here on GT who don't get out much... or who think that they are the only ones who should be able to carry. Now... the folks who go out carryin' AR's and such for public "shock" value... I disagree with that. However... if it was common-place over a period of time... those rifle-carriers would get absolutely bored because nobody would notice 'em. Ya have to "ease" folks along... over time.
  36. This is what I believe.

    I think it's just like when concealed carry came on the scene, "Oh my god there will be gunfights on every street corner".
    The doom and gloom just doesn't happen. The states that have had OC for years proves that.
  37. My state is OC by statute.

    OOOPS: I am off-topic.......... Sorry
  38. Oh, yeah, in the woods, in my fishin' boat, on the ATV checking things out around my hunting property, I totally OC. But when I leave to go to the area restaurant, I CCW.
  39. I don't see anything positive about open carry. Especially by someone with no training in firearms retention. If you must open carry get a good belt and a good leather holster with at least one retention feature. Always keep your gun side protected, and be aware of the gun at all times. Be prepared for attention, likely unwanted, and good luck.
  40. So other conversations aside, what do y'all think about the grips?
  41. The grips rock. And I say that knowing that I have a certain sense of firearms aesthetics that allows me a taste that is truly timeless and for the ages which in reflected by sometimes carrying this one unconcealed.
  42. Wow so its OK to open carry if your job demands it but if your just a normal citizen your a tool for doing it?
    I can not wrap my head around that mentality. I carry for work and see open carrying all the time and its no big deal.
  43. I always dress up my 1911s with nice grips. It's an individual thing. I prefer a nice wood, or stag horn, even some alumagrips, but Pink is just not my color.
  44. Most open carriers I've seen do not represent well. So many project a body language and attitude that I don't care to be associated with. I don't care for the attention, I try to remain the "Gray Man".
  45. Pretty cool in my opinion, only other thing I would add would be a small silver ribbon inlaid on each one. That would clue folks in about the motivation.

    If your coworkers are anything like most of the LEO I know, expect lots of Kaitlyn jokes and maybe a new bustier left hanging in front of your locker.
  46. I live in a town that is the home turf for municipal, county, sheriff's department and state police. It is also home to the county court house. On any week day, you go to any restaurant and most of the people inside will be open carrying, both in uniform and plain clothes. I've even turned it into sort of a game, where when there is an 'unarmed' person in street clothes sitting with a bunch of uniformed officers, I try to spot their carry. IBW is fairly easy to spot, just look at their pants cuffs when they are standing and see which one is lower. Ankle carry is the hardest to spot, especially if they have carried that way for a while and are no longer self conscious about it.

    Another thing I've noticed is how the legal community and LEO interact when outside the courtroom, not unusual to see the DA, PD and a couple detectives having lunch together, then appearing in the same courtroom an hour later. It is just a job to them, and only natural they would form friendships with people they see every day.