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Well, I did it.

  1. Went to my gun shop to buy an upper for the AR. Saw a bunch of tactical Tupperware. Me and Glock go back a long ways. I remember my dad looking at the plastic gun on the cover of his Guns and Ammo shaking his head in sadness for all those poor fools who would lose their hands. That kept me away from Glock all these years, but secretly I shot Glocks whenever I could. Got to talking with "my dealer",lol, he put the Gen 4 17 in my hand, I drew down on a wild flower 10 foot away and just blew the whole middle out of the flower. I ended up buying that gun today. I have always had issues with the Glock. Consistency shot a fuzz left, but the biggest back strap pits my finger right where it needs to be. Best impulse buy I ever made. Now all I need to do is figure out where alittle over $400 bucks went.
  2. I think it went towards the glock?

  3. I was thinking bandits. IRS something. I figure I can tell the wify I always had that brand new gun maybe. Fun gun to shoot though. I hear allot of grips about it being to big for a 9, but so far it hides pretty good. May turn into my daily carry piece.
  4. oooohh... the WIFE...

    The key is to get to a point where you have so many guns, adding one won't be noticed.

    "no no, honey. This is the glock 17 I bought 3 years ago, remember? and it was used. Got it for $87"
  5. Always go with family in need especially child illness.....
  6. Once you reach a critical mass of Glocks, flashlights, knives, multitools and Man Sacks, Mrs. Wifewoman can no longer tell when you buy a new one because they all look alike. This magical number of acquisitions is called the Powernoodle Event Horizon. When you reach that glorious number, you are good for life. Its my hypothesis that Glocks became so popular because they all look alike. After you own one or two, you can buy as many as you want. That's how I've ended up with 14 of them.

    Pro tip: pay with cash so there is no evidence on the Visa bill.
  7. pro tip level 2: Keep your finances separate and pay however you want :D
  8. You were robbed at gunpoint and had $400 stolen but you got the bad guy's gun so you're not going to call the police and press charges. It was a very traumatic incident and you don't want to talk about it.
  9. I've done this with Harleys. It works. "New one? No, just had the old one painted and put different wheels on it and a new seat."
  10. Lying is not good for any relationship.
  11. I was reading this thinking "...hhmm... where the heck is he getting this word from?"

  12. "My greatest fear is that if I die first my wife will sell all my guns for what I told her they cost" said a good (departed) friend.

    Had a buddy in Missouri that told the story of shortly after getting married his wife would find a "new" gun in the closet and when she asked he would say "OH THAT?! I've had that for years, I just brought it home from mom & dad's". After about 3 of those she told him "Why don't you just go get all of your guns and bring them home now". Worked for a while.
  13. This

    This is true. Mama met the Glock last night. She said she wants hers to be pink! I'm thinking Glock 40 now!