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    Thefollowing is a my first thred on this sight:

    New to Glock and to this forum. In 3 weeks a Glock 22 will become my new duty weapon. I need to install a set of night sights. What are the general thoughts, from those who know, on the best after market night sights for Glock 22

    I posted it in General Glocking because:
    This forum is for the discussion of Glock pistols, accessories or issues directly related to Glocks. Please help keep this forum on-topic

    I have never changed the sights on a 22, or Glock for that matter so, I felt this was the proper place to ask this question. I would imagine, like other types of weapons, some after market parts are more friendly than others
    My first thread on this board was locked in 36 min.:faint:

    First, I appologize if I have chosen the wrong place. Truely not my intent. And please, not matter what the tone is felt here, I truley wish to abide by all rules and regs and be a positive contributer to any discussions.

    I have left other boards because I could never quite understand what the moderators use as judgment point of reference.

    Having my first thread locked was not the welcome that I was hoping for.

    Again, please accept my appology. I was just trying to find out more about Glock night sights and what would work best.
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    Apparently there is a sights forum, give it a shot there (or search, this is probably a frequent topic). Welcome to GT - sorry your first post was a problem.