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Welcome To America

  1. Where you have freedom of speech, as long as it is approved by BLM.
  2. Blm can get Stuffed

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  3. Yeah, get stuffed
  4. And bent.

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  5. What has the Bureau of Land Management got against free speech? :D
  6. BLM can osculate my derrière.
  7. Heh...we actually have a computer repair store around here called BLM Technologies.
  8. I will use my 1st Amendment right to NOT take a knee and NOT apologize for something I didn't do.
  9. Exactly.

    I did not murder George Floyd.
    My ancestors came to this country after the Civil War.
    I am not racist. If you act like a criminal, I'll treat you like one, regardless of your skin color.
    I support equal rights for all people.
    I support the right to peacefully protest.

    Just don't ask me to pay for your cause. I've got enough problems to worry about.
  10. They can Take A Hike! Then they can Sit On It!!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Grew up in Robeson County N.C. before that off of Camp Lejeune . Don't preach the white people hate here. I've grew up and lived in the most diverse ethnic areas. No one hated eachother then. What racism is what some in the black community is doing now towards the whites . Do they think respect will given after all these riots and looting? Nope not here , not to that group. Even black friends of mine think that the BLM group is racist and simi terrorist to the black communities just like ISIS and Taliban were to their own race. They need to look in the mirror and say this to themselves and understand racism is a 2 way reflection...
  13. Reported, racist
  14. This isn't America anymore. They have won while the right sat by and watched. Anything you say will be used against you.
  15. Mr 9mm hollowpoints on my hip at all times call your bluff and raise you death if you dare attempt to interfere with my pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.
  16. Facts are racist?
  17. BLM seems to get a pass on bad behavior and rhetoric using the race card.
  18. My free speech as far as the people in the BLM movement goes is that I have to know more about them than skin color to determine if their life matters to me. I give total strangers the benefit of the doubt and as a fellow human being their life matters until I have reason to believe otherwise. Once someone is part of a group that embraces radical members then I don't give them the benefit of the doubt. Unlike a total stranger I then would need to know what they believe in. That goes for Democrats, Muslims, etc.. They might be ok or they might be my enemy and that means their life might or might not matter to me.
  19. Grew up in Canada but started vacationing in the Virginia Beach area in the early 70's where I had my first exposure to racism. This was reinforced when I moved to Chicago in 1993 and taken to whole new levels in Philly from 2007 onwards.
    Some Black people hate whites, no matter what i thought and how I behaved. Apparently I was profiled incorrectly.
  20. This is what happens when they get power and their power will grow and grow. They seem to be the new masters already because we are embarrassingly weak and seeking their approval. You descendants will be a hated and oppressed minority at this rate.
  21. FBLM
  22. Other than the sitting part I think they're already hiking around the country looting and burning as they go.