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Weird deer hunting phenomenon

  1. Did you all go deer hunting?
    If you were successful and gutted your deer, did you notice anything peculiar the next day?

    maybe it’s just me but the next time I go number 2, it smells just like the deer guts.

    Is it just me?
  2. Gutted many deer, never noticed that..however, gutting hogs and bears is a wakeup call for your nose...they stink to high heaven...I've also noticed that even after washing my hands, I always seem to find flecks of blood under my fingernails and on my cuticles...
  3. The last few years I’ve participated in a master hunter program, catch and release, so I have not noticed phenomenon lately.
  4. Still waiting

  5. Squirrel stinks badly.
  6. Nothing smells as bad as rabbit guts.
  7. Gutted, skinned and quartered one Sunday. Monday's "business" didn't smell like deer guts to me.
  8. What is deer “catch and release?”
  9. Yes.
  10. Well Doc, it’s just something I made up. It sounds much better than I didn’t get anything.
  11. LOL! Just thought I was missing something. Good one!
  12. If you're smelling their guts something went wrong.

    Now a staaanky rutting buck... that will linger. Your hands, clothes. The bed of your truck. A small price to pay.
  13. Harvest a deer each year: never noticed it. Venison does have its characteristic smell - most pronounced for me during field dressing at the first opening of the abdominal cavity - but after the shower and change of clothes, we're back to normal, in all aspects.

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  14. Gut shot deer and rank farts. I have experienced that. Must be osmosis.
  15. Dang. I almost threw my knife at a spike buck tonight. Less then 20' he held still, did t think I saw him, then panicked. (No I wouldn't have tossed knife). I have killed rabbits with screwdriver...

    I do wonder how much meat he lost. It honestly didn't look like a lot. I spent more time removing guts then he did the entire deer....
  16. Yep, the worst thing I’ve ever remembered smelling was the inside of a bear.

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  17. Don't hunt skunks. Just a thought.
  18. It’s never happened, to me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or something right?
  19. Your Brain is neurologically linking an unfamiliar or new smell with its olfactory nervous system. Sniff a candle for an hour and your #2 will smell like Lavender. I actually just made that all up and have no idea why

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  20. I guess don't shoot and gut a monkey , or the next day you're certain to get money azz..
  21. Bile.
  22. Otherwise known as "taking your gun for a walk"!
  23. I know what it feels like (just before you get the horn). From a ELK...
    Elk farm, 2 yr old males. One decided I was a threat, or competition. He came right toward me. Owner dumping feed, trying to distract it. He kept coming. I had A .380 auto. I wondered if I could kill this + $7000 animal with 7 .380 bullets. They do have sensitive noses, I made it out of the gate without shooting. A bit larger animal.
  24. Elk don’t have horns, they have antlers.
  25. Never had a problem with the smell. I keep multiple pairs of disposable gloves on hand when I skin and gut.
  26. Academic, once he sticks it through your liver.
  27. No. Never noticed that.

    I’ve always though deer guts smelled strange, but it’s an oddly sweet almost metallic smell.
  28. That could have ended up very bad for you indeed. Glad you were able to get away in time.
  29. Open carry could have stopped this deer wrestling.

    I recall the smell gutting a rabbit being strong. The smell from cleaning a deer never bothered me much. I remove the tarsal glands and testes first, then try to be super careful not to pierce anything inside of the abdominal cavity like the bladder, gall bladder, stomach, and intestines.
  30. Tauntauns smell especially bad on the inside.