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Weatherby .30-378

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is there any interest in once fired brass for this monster?

I've got prolly 4 boxes of this stuff, maybe more. I think 2 boxes are factory ammo, maybe 2 or 3 boxes of other stuff. I know one box was custom loaded stuff from before Weatherby was actually making their own ammo. if you'll recall with this rifle (as many do) the actual rifles were in people's hands before they had ammo to shoot them.

I've had one of these rifles since they came out and kept my brass thinking maybe one day I'd reload them. well...I dont really shoot this rifle anymore, so I have even less desire to mess with reloading.

I have no clue what this is worth, but knowing the loaded shells are $4 a pop, surely the brass has a decent value to it.

so make me an offer.

I can get more specific numbers and brands if someone is interested

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counted last night

I have 3 boxes of factory Weatherby, 2 boxes of some other brand, and 1 box of some custom brand.
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