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QNman -- answering in order:

1) In general, good, but I recommend using it as an emergency final target verifier and not for general searching. When we search with WML, we point a loaded gun at everything we look at...which, in the home, is often a "good guy" simply there unexpectedly.

2) I'm all for brightness, particularly outdoors. The blinding effects are more likely to come when negotiating corners or behind cover...but again, not a problem if a regular light is used for searching.

3) True, but it's in the nature of an affirmative defense: if an anti-gun prosecutor wants to push it, you'll be paying big bucks to your lawyer to prove the point in court. There's also the psychological trauma of one family member pointing a loaded gun at another in a mistaken identity situation.

I've taught since these things came out that the WML should be treated the way we treat the telescopic sight on a hunting rifle. We'll never know how many lives were saved in the woods because at dusk, the magnifying scope showed the hunter that was a person they were looking at, not a deer. We'll never know how many tragic mistaken identity shootings have been avoided because the WML showed the stranger in the dark was holding a cell phone or keys, not gun or knife. But scanning everything over a loaded gun is the mark of the slob hunter, and we are exposed to something similar when we do the same thing with a WML on a loaded firearm.

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