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Weapon Mounted Lights - follow-up

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With much back-and-forth about the subject of weapon mounted lights, could you please clarify a few things?

1) WML - what are your thoughts in general - good or bad?
2) Is brighter better? Can it be "too bright", to the point that it could destroy your own night vision from reflections off walls, ceilings etc. (say, in a narrow stairwell)?
3) If someone is in your home without invite, even if it's not a burglar, wouldn't that pass the "reasonable person" test if you were to point your weapon "in their general direction" (not necessarily directly at them)?

Any additional thoughts are also appreciated.
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QNman -- answering in order:

1) In general, good, but I recommend using it as an emergency final target verifier and not for general searching. When we search with WML, we point a loaded gun at everything we look at...which, in the home, is often a "good guy" simply there unexpectedly.

2) I'm all for brightness, particularly outdoors. The blinding effects are more likely to come when negotiating corners or behind cover...but again, not a problem if a regular light is used for searching.

3) True, but it's in the nature of an affirmative defense: if an anti-gun prosecutor wants to push it, you'll be paying big bucks to your lawyer to prove the point in court. There's also the psychological trauma of one family member pointing a loaded gun at another in a mistaken identity situation.

I've taught since these things came out that the WML should be treated the way we treat the telescopic sight on a hunting rifle. We'll never know how many lives were saved in the woods because at dusk, the magnifying scope showed the hunter that was a person they were looking at, not a deer. We'll never know how many tragic mistaken identity shootings have been avoided because the WML showed the stranger in the dark was holding a cell phone or keys, not gun or knife. But scanning everything over a loaded gun is the mark of the slob hunter, and we are exposed to something similar when we do the same thing with a WML on a loaded firearm.

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