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We The People

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Pierre!, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Heard this mentioned and thought I would check it out...

    Did some searching here at Glocktalk, and it looks like some of you wise folks have been taking advantage of it!

    Well, with what appears to be 175,000 members here (did I read that right? Good Job Eric!) and who knows how many are really active... Why not bring it up so it's Fresh in our minds!

    Here are some of the currently active petitions at :

    Support and fully endorse the National Rifle Association's "National School Shield" programs
    2,545 Have Signed This Petition

    Stop any legislation that will ban "assault weapons", semi-automatic rifles or handguns and high capacity magazines.
    7,224 Have Signed This Petition
    17,776 by Jan 20th 2013 to reach 25K Goal

    Soooo.... If we all who don't know about this, or haven't taken the time to check out We The People head on over there and sign some of these petitions...

    And then commit to spreading the word...

    Some one should be able to notice!

    Whadda ya think? Will you go sign a few of these petitions?

    Mods - If this is too political - Forgive me...

    Merry Christmass!

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