we shoot fish too!

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    Jan 13, 2004
    Just FYI,
    Many fishermen in Hawaii shoot fish to subdue them before bringing them into the boat.
    We`re talking LARGE fish over here,Pacific Blue Marlin,Yellowfin Tuna and sharks.
    Not all fishermen follow this practice though,I won`t do it because I`ve seen some mishaps like shooting the boat,dropping the gun in the water,unsafe gun handling and one case of a mate having his hand shot by his excited captain.
    Also had a guest aboard my boat shoot at a large Yellowfin tuna without my permission or knowledge that he had his pistol in his gear bag.
    Result? He managed to shoot the leader line and we lost a prize fish.
    It was a long,silent,and cold trip back to the harbor.
    Needless to say this person is not welcome on a boat!
    Also sold a .22LR pistol to a boat owner who wanted it to shoot fish.(I strongly advised him it was too light a caliber)
    His first try was at a large Blue Marlin estimated at 400 lbs.
    His first shot got the Marlin`s attention.The second shot got the Marlin pissed off.The third shot REALLY got the Marlin pissed off and it went ballistic,jumped out of the water and landed in his boat and proceeded to wreak havoc and terrorize the captain and crew.
    It cost this captain about $2,000 to repair everything.
    I saw the damage and it was pretty spectacular to say the least.including a HOLE in the hull from the Marlin`s bill.
    The fishermen in Alaska also shoot large Halibut,a fish known to hurt,and in one case kill a fisherman.