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We have the covids

  1. My wife is an RN, and she had an exposure at work. Now we have it, but we both assumed it was a matter of time since she’s a nurse and I’m a cop.

    The first day was brutal, but it has tapered off to minor inflammation and extreme fatigue. On the plus side, I can use a vacation from work, so I can’t complain.
  2. Sorry to hear that...

    are you being treated with anything?
  3. Have you been tested? What’s your age range? Your post makes it sound like it’s just you and your wife at home which probably means you’re very young or on the older side (no kids at home).

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!
  4. Prayer for you both, friend. Thanks to both of you trusted public servants!
    No way of knowing,- I don't know what you gotta do to get an "antibody" test, but I think I had it. It hangs on a while. Just rest, take it easy and look forward to a good future!
  5. Bad luck, but as long as there are no respiratory problems you both are golden. Have you a pulse oximeter?
  6. well good luck since i hear from watch the news that you pretty much always die from this..were you trying to get rid of anything cool and do you have a will make sure you do!

    Just wanted to make sure you were prepared since this is almost always fatal once you get it with supposedly/apparently no recovery possible or very rare apparently...
  7. Wishing you and the misses a speedy recovery.
  8. Get well soon.
  9. I would imagine you need a vacation lately. Wuflu or Riots? Hope you guys heal up but I would milk it for as much time off as possible.

    We need a thread with actual Wuflu recoveries with their personal stats and what they took and how they felt during recovery. How do you feel about putting private info. On a forum for all to see?

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  10. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.
    My wife is also a nurse, and has treated COVID patients. We figure it is inevitable too.

    Wife and son both sick in late February. But antibody test (hers) negative. Mine as well.

    Last week I had a weird "barky" cough, no phlegm, chest burning sensation ( mild) and felt wiped out. Got up as usual at 5:30 got wife and son breakfast...then went back to bed 'til 11:00. Just didn't / couldn't do anything. Four days in a row, then it faded. Feel fine now.

    The 'Rona? Who knows?
  11. We’re both in our forties, and we both had the deep nostril swabs...the ones that tickle the brain.

    She came back positive, and I came back negative. But a doctor has declared me a false negative due to the severity and variety of symptoms we’ve both had and continue having. And we were told that method only has a sixty percent chance of identifying the virus.

    Neither have had a fever at all, but neither did the eighty-eight year patient who is the suspected exposure link.

    We both had the worst headache either of us have experienced. It was off the charts. Fatigue is relentless no matter how much sleep or rest we get. Chronic joint inflammation continues to hit us, along with random muscle pains with no rhyme or reason. I had shortness of breath for two days which has now left, and I hope it stays gone. She hasn’t had any which is good.
  12. Also, I appreciate the well wishes. Thank you all.
  13. Hope you guys get over it soon. As said before, milk it!
  14. Praying for a speedy and full recovery for you both.
    Thanks for your service, btw.
  15. Sounds like you both are mending well. Happy for that.
  16. Prayers Sent! Get Rest!
  17. I was out of commission for two weeks in January.
    My wife is convinced that I had it then.
    I never go to doctors so have no idea if it was Covid, or just a case of industrial strength crud.

    I hope you and your wife have a smooth recovery!
  18. You mention fatigue...... I gotta look into this......
    Considering the people I am forced to work near daily, maybe I had it already.
  19. Thank you for posting this info.
    It is very much appreciated.
  20. Forgot to add that neither are taking any prescribed medications for covid.
  21. Thanks for posting this, and hope you recover quickly.
  22. Get well soon!
  23. I thought I might have had it in January. I had the usual 4/5 day flu, felt like poop. I also developed a non productive cough, that I had for a MONTH. Which is something I've never experienced before.

    I did the antibodies test through Quest. It came back negative, then a friend in the medical profession told me that the Quest test, isn't the best, with a lot of false negatives. So, who knows? :dunno:
  24. The director of employee health from my wife’s hospital called her after the confirmed exposure. During the conversation the director said the rapid response test is only 45% accurate in positively identifying covid-19, and the deep nostril test is only 60% accurate which results in high numbers of false negatives.

    I have no clue if that’s true, but I’d wager the director is privy to covid info not available to me.
  25. Everything I read on it says that you start to feel better and think you are all set, and then bam, around day 8 to day 12 or so, it comes back with a vengeance and you cant breath and need hospitalization. Lets hope that is not the case for you guys!! Hope you pull through.
  26. Were y’all offered any medicine for it , especially your wife since she is a nurse ?
  27. X2. A must-have piece of equipment which your wife probably already has. I’d be checking that twice a day and looking for a drop off from your normal range.

    OP, are y’all going to get any chest x rays? Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.
  28. All the best.
    Prayers sent for recovery.
  29. Best wishes inbound
  30. We’ve not been offered any meds nor have any been suggested.

    As of now we have no intentions of getting chest x-rays. I had some noticeable shortness of breath which lasted a couple of mornings. My hasn't my had any respiratory concerns as of now.
  31. Prayers for recovery, this thing is no joke.

    I had my ass absolutely kicked by a flu-like thing in late february, exhaustion and deeeeep aches, but no cough or respiratory systems at all, other than even taking the stairs upstairs left me breathless. Two cycles of this crap, with a pretty good week in between.

    At the time, the lack of cough meant nobody would even talk to me about testing. Based on our current understanding of COVID, I'm inclined to think I had it, but I haven't had an antibody test, and they don't seem real helpful regardless.

    All I can say is that I was absolutely flat on my mattress for a straight week the second round, lost 20+ pounds over the course of that month.

    I hope you're doing ok, take the dehydration issue really seriously?
  32. Prayers and best wishes for you and your wife.
  33. Dammit, that test cost me $119. I was so disappointed it was negative. Now I have false hope again.
  34. How about a update Scott? How are you guys doing?