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We Have Members Here That....

  1. We have members here with new guns. (new to them anyways) PIX please!:wavey:
  2. Just bought another Bushmaster M4 and another G19. They are just going to be spares (safe queens) for my other M4 and G19. Mainly got them just in case another ban happens and one goes down. I will post pics of the twins in a few days.
  3. i will post my G19 too....
  4. Dang! Everybody but me getting new stuff?:sad:
  5. I have picked up a G35 and a G37 recently. G27 is next.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I have a new G27 and a new to me G23 2nd Gen with chrome plated slide. I bought a Bulgarian Makarov and I have also come into possession of a free Ruger P-89

    However, my ex got my digi-cam in my recent divorce.

    Would pics from my cell phone be ok? If they are then I can post them ASAP