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"Hello all,

In order to keep up with the times, provide better content and information we are looking at updating and redesigning the main website pages of

If anyone on here is an experienced web designer or knows of someone that would be interested please let us know. A starving HTML artist needing to showcase their talent or also interested in our cause would be ideal. We do not have much if any budget for this but will have or come up with some.

For some tech info we already have most all the content we will need. Also I am a graphic artist and will provide support and additional content needed. We just need a re-design / makeover.

Please email or PM me if you have interest or any leads.


The above is a request for a web designer for a site called The purpose of the site is to improve Concealed Carry Laws in Iowa. Currently, the Sheriff of each county decides who can get a permit, as long as your reason is good enough. In many counties, it is pretty much impossible to get a concealed carry permit. We are trying to make Iowa a shall issue state.

As was said above, our budget isn't very big, but it is a worth wile cause. If you, or someone you know, might be interested please go to Iowacarry.organd send a message to IAJack.

Thank You
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