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way to fix a "cut" on a glock slide

  1. Hi guys, i'm not really obsessed with guns wear and scratches but i'm recently trying to do some manutention on some of my guns. i have a g19 gen4 with the frying pan finish. on the left side of the slide a grain of sand made a cut half slide long, not visible with the light coming from some directions but very bad looking with the proper light: i'm saying "cut" and not scretch because the frying pan finish is not sretched, there is a cut wich reflexes the light giving visive feedback but the finish is still there, it only has a sharp cut. i don't think a refinish is necessary, what do you suggest to fix the problem? thank you ;)
  2. I suggest not worrying about it at all as long as it doesn't inhibit the function of safety of the gun.I think you are worrying about nothing.A gun is a tool,while taking good care of it such as cleaning and oiling along with keeping it secure it's still a tool that will get used whether for range time or personal protection just enjoy it,worrying over petty things like that will just take away from enjoyment.
  3. You are obviously right but if there is an easy way to fix the problem, I don't see why i should not try :)
  4. possibly take a polishing cloth and "polish" it out?
  5. mh! do you suggest polishing the cut taking all the finish to the same level ?
  6. There's nothing you can do to "fix" it. The good news is, it's not going to hurt the corrosion protection of the tenifer.
    If it's invisible from some angles, it's a pretty mild scratch and is just normal wear. You'll get more wear if you use the gun the way it's meant to be used.
  7. i keep that gun loaded 24/7 and she comes with me everytime at the sand cave where i shoot (where i live there is no concerned carry). after 4 years of use with more than 12k rounds through it and using a fab defense holster (wich devastated my g23 slide), with sand everywhere, the 19 still looks like new, except for that cut wich is very long and noticeable. that's the reason why i'd like to fix it, if there is no way, peace! (sorry for the bad english)
  8. You should sell that beat-up old junker.
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  9. You stated that it was "invisible" from certain angles. Tennifer is a metal treatment, not actually a coating like say duracoat/ceracoat. It penetrates the metal instead of laying on top. So if the scratch is so superficial that you cannot see it at certain angles or cannot feel it by scratching your fingernail over it. Then it's probably VERY VERY shallow, and maybe a jewelers cloth with polish it just enough to make it disappear. Seems to work well on my watch straps. Also some guys with the new gen 4 finish that's dull, use it to brighten up their slide.
  10. Got any pic's?
    That would help
  11. here it is, what do you think then? thanks everyone :) 20170125_105015.jpg 20170125_105108.jpg 20170125_105113.jpg 20170125_105115.jpg 20170125_105132.jpg
  12. Nice pictures. Try some automotive polish, the scratch looks like it is only on an exterior coating.
  13. thank you for the suggestion..can you tell me a specific product to use? i'm not familiar with polishing metal at all! ;)
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Very good pictures. I've heard of people having some luck lightly rubbing the scratch with a ScotchBrite pad with a bit of gun oil. Some of those "scratches" are just a softer metal that rubbed off on the tougher Glock finish. ScotchBrite pad won't do any damage, but will lift off the softer metal. Gun oil is just so you don't do it dry.
  16. wow, thank you everyone! i'll give it a try for sure
  17. Go slow with it, your goal is to take off any elevated ridge on the side of the scratch, which will make it less noticeable. You won't be able to do anything about the depth of the scratch.

    Pretty negligible, that's the good news. I embrace the wear & tear on my guns :) ... you may find you do the same with time.
  18. simon, does it shoot to point of aim and run good? Your'e supposed to look at the front sight, not the slide. Glocks are just hammers, not artwork, so hammer away.
  19. I meant a polish for car paint.
  20. Anyone use flitz?
    I once used my Glock 22 slide (and frame) to clear broken glass from a window before I climbed through it. Really scratched up the slide and gouged the frame. Eh. It's a working gun. Never bothered to fix it. Never rusted.
  21. my glocks are tools, too. i even like a bit of wear, it give carachter to the gun, but those single straight scratches aren't good looking in my opinion. if i have a simplex way to fix something i don't like i don't see Whats wrong with that. to be obsessed is definitely bad, i think it would be very annoying, but that's not my case :) and yes, that g19 shoots very good: perfect trigger for me, never a single malfunction in 4k reloads and pretty accurate up to 150 meters with the FAB defence stock i adapted for her ;)
  22. i like using guns but i don't use them for work so i think it's a bit different :) your job seems interesting, tough
  23. I use flitz on blued guns, and automobile chrome and stainless. Best stuff I've ever used on unpainted metal. I have a feeling the OP gun has a coating I.e. frying pan finish era.
  24. You are right: the coating is one of the l'attestato frying pan finish..the one wich is more towards "gray". my glock was produced in Austria in 2011-2012 if i remember right
  25. hi, i just used the polish paste! the cut is much less noticeable :)
    the only "problem" is that having polished the slide a bit, now there are spots where the surface is more polished, not higly polished, but you can definitely noticed it. do you know a way to darken/make less reflective those spots? thanks ;)
  26. You do not notice the path you have started down?

    You attempt to "fix" a scratch that should not be a concern. Now you are going to attempt to "fix" the next "problem". Then you will have to fix the next problem until......snowballing.......

    ...until you finally admit your "fixes" completely F'ed up the left side of your slide and you wind up having the entire slide re-finished!

    Good Luck
  27. i
    like i said many times above, i'm not so worried about the look of my guns but if there is a simple solution wich do not cost too much, i don't see why i should not attempt. however, i much prefer the slide now than before and spending money to refinishing a Glock is not in my plans. thank you anyway ;)
  28. Do the new Glocks have the CAT. Number on them now like yours? I haven't ever seen that or recall anyways.
  29. You could probably take it off with some oil and a wipe cloth.
  30. That looks like a GLock 19 9x21. I thought those were super rare and worth a boatload of money.
  31. Yeah it does say 9 x 21. I didn't notice that. That is a first for me to see.
  32. yes, i live in italy, our 9x21 is very similar to 9x19mm (used in italy only by police and armed forces). i shot several 9x19's and there is no difference in felt recoil or controllability
  33. Thank you for sharing that information. That is very interesting. Does the 9x21 have better ballistics than the 9x19?
  34. Yep! That should buff right out. Iffin you buff too hard,,, Durocoat.
  35. They use to make colored car polish/wax. If you could find some in black it would probably hide the scratch.
    Or you could just wait until you get a couple more scratches and that one wouldn't bother you anymore.
  36. Put another "cut" on the other side of the slide = racing stripes.

  37. Lol, they're pretty common in other countries.
  38. Show us where to buy one. Smart ass.
  39. Not really.most commercial loads are equal to 9x19. if you reload, you can use a bit more powder, not much. i am happy to share info with you guys, just ask me everything you wanna know
  40. No worries, looks good to me. I like firearms with characters.
  41. In many countries the 9mm Luger, 9mm Para, 9x19 is considered a "Military round," and civilians are not able to obtain it. The 9x21 was a get around for people to own guns basically chambered in 9mm without using the banned military round. Italy being one of the countries.
    You're not going to see normal 9mm Glocks in gun stores in these countries. You will however see these 9x21 variants.

    Didn't mean to come across as a dick by the lol. Just thought most people knew this. My apologies.
  42. everything you said is correct
  43. Thank you sir, and glad to see members posting from the other side of the globe.
    Always interesting to see how things work in other places. I live in California, so I know about work around in regards to guns, lol.
  44. i have been in California just a few months ago, very nice.
  45. I really appreciate that and nice of you to share. Ok I have a couple more questions. Could you put a 9x19 barrel (if it was legal) in your glock and would it function properly? Im wonder if only the barrel is different. Does the 9x21 feed well like the 9x19? Do they allow you to have hollow point bullets. Thank you for your time!
  46. i can't own a 9x19 barrel. 9x21 feedback very well, never had problems with my glocks, beretta's and xd's. i can not buy HP bullets, but only for handgun calibers. rifle HP'S are ok :)
  47. Thanks for answering those questions. I really appreciate it.
  48. dude... really? mark up the other side and make it match. I scratch mine up on purpose just to get rid of that safe queen look.
  49. ahah