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wave out

  1. allright lets see how has the best wavs on their cpu. Rules: must name the show. 2.)avoid getting this shut down. 3.)how do I do more than one at a time?
  2. this one is the all time great, the elmo song.
  3. more old school, barney i think
  4. ladies and gentlemen, john wayne.
  5. Here's a funny, but large (445k) file of a guy calling into a computer service company wondering what happened to his data from his hard drive.
  6. The Deputy Dawg Show.........ok so I am biased...:cool:
  7. wow 145 times, that america one isn't even my best. that help desk was great, guy needs some prozak though.
    all right here comes another mst3k quote.
  8. come on people, participate.

    here choke on this, it too is from mst3k.
  9. OK, here's another dumb one...
  10. A Beavis/Butthead wav
  11. This one is an alert that you are spending too much time on the computer. (language alert)
  12. good, good, great. here we go, more to the pile, wonder how long before we overload the server?