Watsonville Airshow

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    I spent both days (and Friday evening) at the airport for the Watsonville Airshow. Warbirds, Bill Stein (Edge 540), Rhett Thompson (Sukhoi 26), Jackie Warda (Pitts S-1T), Eddie Andreini (Super Stearman and Yak 9), John Collver (AT-6) the Red Baron Squadron. It was pretty good, but seemed sparsely attended compared to years past. The Showcopters were missing this year.

    The weather was perfect, but I suspect that people were drawn to the Moffet Field Airshow in Mountain View, about 50 miles away. Personally, I felt it a slap for Moffet to have their airshow the same weekend as Watsonville. This was the 40th annual Watsonville Airshow, and it has always been on Memorial Day weekend. Moffet can have their show some other weekend and help WVI keep attendance up.

    Each year, it seems to get a little smaller. It used to be the West Coast Antique Fly-In, and the show started with an airborne parade of beautiful old planes. They still have the warbirds making passes and the flour bombing contest, but no antiques flying.

    I wish airshows would get rid of the monster trucks, Transformers and the car-eating robot. It's fun for two-year-olds, but it's an airshow! We want to see planes, and more of them. Cut the arena junk.

    I was a little annoyed at the announcer who referred to Bill Stein as "Bill Klein" and kept talking about the Hawker Sea Fury being painted in Australian Air Force colors when it had "NAVY" in five-foot letters on the fuselage.

    For a few minutes on Sunday, the warbird parking area was shrouded in smoke. Seems the Sea Fury pilot had let someone sit in the cockpit and they triggered the right wingtip smoke generator. Corvis oil smoke can get thick when you are standing in the middle of it.

    All in all, it was good, but didn't measure up to years past.

    Now I'm looking forward to Vertical Challenge - all helicopter airshow at San Carlos, June 12th.
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    I hear that. Unfortunately, the nation is being overrun by two year olds; some, even full grown!!

    Hopefully, the WVI show is just in a slump... this happens. To have it decline and vanish someday would be unthinkable. Of course I was no help; I couldn't make it this year. :(