Waterproof Ammo?

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    May 30, 2001
    Many of you may have seen previous post regarding equipment selection for my impending trip to Alaska. I'll be heading up in a few weeks. I'm going with three other guys, and we will be doing a 13-day float trip down a river in the Bristol Bay Region of Alaska.

    At this point I've pretty much finalized my gear for the trip. There are a few minor odds and ends, but I am pretty much good to go.

    We will be in serious Brown Bear country. My firearm selection will be:

    Remington 700 BDL Stainless Synthetic chambered in .300 Win Mag
    S&W 629 4" (.44 Magnum)
    Henry U.S. Survival Rifle (.22 LR, for vermin and such)

    I'll be packing my gear in waterproof float bags, but the big question in my mind surrounds the water resistance of the ammo in my guns.

    How much water can a factory (or handloaded) cartridge take before it becomes unreliable. Obviously, I'm not planning to soak my ammo overnight in a bucket, but what if I fall in the river with my revolver on my belt? Is the ammo still trustworthy after a few seconds of immersion? How about a few minutes? What about getting rained on for an hour?

    I'll be carrying extra ammo, but I have to wonder at what point I need to swap put my carry rounds.

    Last year I was trout fishing when I fell in the river. The pistol on my belt was briefly immersed, and I went ahead and swapped out the ammo. I tested the rounds that got dunked later and they worked fine.