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WASR finally finished, for now.

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After much trial and error, and also some experimenting, I'm pretty happy with my WASR. I switched out the lower handguard for a Romanian set with the handle. I also switched out the pistol grip and upper handguard to a Jadnil set, and refinished all of it. The stain is a Varathane "Traditional Cherry" color, darkened with a blow torch, and coated with linseed oil and a matte polyurethane finish. I stripped the finish off the bolt carrier, and polished everything. I was going for a "Battlefield Pick-Up" look on it, so I took some steel wool and hit all the corners, edges, and finish to make it look old. Did the same to all my mags, including my drum, and here she is. I named it "Hennah" (it's a long story).

Also, I got my first kills with her the other day. Shot 3 black birds out of the garden with 6 rounds. Ever been bird hunting with your AK? ;)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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