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Wasn't Expecting This From Florida

  1. Well maybe a few counties like Brevard.


    " Brevard County commissioners have come out in support of a change in Florida Statute to allowing gun owners in the state to openly carry their weapons, as long as they have a concealed weapons permit, News 6 partner Florida Today reports.

    Commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday night in favor of a resolution introduced by Chair Bryan Lober, urging the six-member Brevard delegation to the Florida Legislature to push for such a change in the 2021 legislative session. "

    " The resolution also included an amendment, introduced by Commissioner John Tobia, to reverse the portions of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act that increased the minimum age to purchase firearms in Florida from 18 to 21. "

    " Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey in the past has gone to Tallahassee to encourage passage of open-carry legislation. During Tuesday's County Commission discussion, Lober referenced Ivey's assertions that good people with guns are important to counteract bad people with guns.

    Ivey's Democratic opponent in the Nov. 3 election, Alton Edmond, issued a statement this week supporting Lober's open-carry resolution.

    “I fully support this measure to allow all citizens with valid concealed weapons licenses to openly carry their firearms in conformity with the Second Amendment of the Constitution,” Edmond said. “I support empowering citizens to better protect themselves by giving them another option as to the manner in which they may choose to do so.” "

    Could be a weird election cycle.
  2. We had it briefly, at one time.
  3. Good Brevard supports it but does not matter since State rules over all gun issues. I live in Brevard.
  4. Yeah, this isn't going to happen, but I appreciate the support by the Brevard commission and Sheriff Ivey.
  5. When I was growing up there, permitless open carry was legal and all ccw was illegal.
  6. I'm going to take anything Brevard says or does with an extremely large sized grain of salt.
  7. Yeah, he's supporting this because there is suddenly a whole bunch of ANTIFA and BLM idiots carrying around guns in public. He wouldn't support this otherwise.
  8. How so ?; I grew up in Brevard for 17 years; still have two brothers there.
  9. I have mixed feelings about open carry....can't decide if it would be good or bad
    Welcome to the WILD WEST...(Palm Beach county .... now)
  10. I'd be happy with expanding the hunting and fishing clause to anything related to outdoors activities. As it is we don't have to worry about printing or someone even seeing a weapon momentarily but there are times when conceal carry isn't nearly as comfortable as OC, especially wearing a pack.
  11. I don’t get the gun people that is afraid/against open carry.
    You don’t like it?
    Fine, don’t do it then, but don’t join forces with the enemy to backstab your fellow gun owners.

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  12. Open carry seems to be legal in a lot of states. Maybe if Illinois and NY were OC legal the death rate from shootings might go down.

  13. The streets will run red with blood.
  14. Open carry has a time and place imo.
    It is legal to do in my state but I don't traipsing around town with an exposed firearm. In a peaceful crowd I'd conceal. In the woods or hunting: open. In a violent situation I'd prefer to avoid but if I couldn't or I had to defend, the guns would be visible. I'm a big believer in don't draw unless you are going to use it.
  15. I think it may pass, and,open carry will become a fact of life here.


  16. Oh, yeah, you KNOW that will be the rallying cry of the people opposing it.

  17. This.

    Myself, I am not really a fan of open carry as a personal practice for me, but if people want to do it, they should be able to....
  18. Funny - not ha ha funny - story about Ohio. OC is still legal in Ohio, but 15 years ago concealed carry was not. I belonged to a gun club in Ohio even though I lived in WV where CC was legal.

    People in Ohio had been pushing for CC for years but never made much headway. Finally a CC group started pushing rallies where they wanted everyone to Open Carry everywhere. They had rallies on the Capitol steps were everyone was OC and of course the media was always there with prominent stories on the front page.

    This went on for a while. People not in the know about Ohio OC were calling police about motorcyclists motoring down the Interstate with a gun/holster strapped on. All the drive through restaurants were calling the police when anyone drove through with a visible gun and a lot of people made sure they saw them and of course all the calls about armed people walking down the sidewalk in broad daylight.

    Eventually the legislature decided it wasn't worth the hassle and all the phone calls everyone was getting about people carrying guns, so they decided it was simpler to just pass the CC law and hope most people would cover up. I am sure they got plenty of calls from police jurisdictions telling them they didn't have the staff to chase down every " man with a gun " call.

    It finally passed and my gun club started offering training to members that wanted the license - almost every one did. I and some other instructors set up a class that met the Ohio requirements ( which were pretty restrictive to begin with - mandated at least 4 hours of range time ) and started offering classes to members. It was so well received we opened it up to everybody after we got some praise from a few local sheriffs.

    Over that period of time before I left for Florida; I probably assisted in training over 1800 people to get their carry license. I was the concealed guy. I would be sitting in the class room when a new class started. The first thing I would do is stand up with arms spread; do a pirouette and ask people to identify where the gun was.

    If someone got the location I would take it off and lay it on the table and then ask again.

    My record was carrying 13 guns and having 3 never found.

    It was a pretty impressive demo.
  19. That is impressive. Now try it at the airport. :D
  20. The Mouse will not allow open carry.

  21. Their property their rules. I'm good with that. I think it was a weasel move to prevent employees from leaving firearms in their car citing the explosives and fireworks exclusion to state law however.
  22. Why is that?
  23. The Mouse has too much political clout. And not just against open carry on their parks.
  24. The Mouse and the Florida Retailers Association are the two main villains in this story, besides the DemocRATS scum of course

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  25. Well, actually, I did a few times, unintentionally.


    And I did teach most of the staff at the airport in PKB.

  26. I prefer to carry concealed.

    I love our Sheriff Ivey. Needless to say I will be voting for him.

    Who is "The Mouse"?
  27. upload_2020-8-10_11-48-39.jpeg

    See post # 8.


    He didn’t answer me either.
  28. Never heard of “Mickey “ ? He lives in the “Mouse House “.
  29. Ok, I get it now. I thought y'all were talking about a politician LOL.
  30. Oh, he’s a politician, all right. Got a lot of his cousins ( rats ) in Congress too.
  31. [​IMG]
  32. Open carry has been legal in Michigan forever, however it's only been practiced for about the last 10 years. We've also had shall issue concealed permit for about 20 years. It used to be that if you exposed your gun however inadvertently you could get arrested for brandishing. That was until some OC advocates started OCing. They would get arrested (although it was legal) fight it and win. After awhile the police got used to it and people stopped calling the police when they saw someone with a gun OCing.

    Now you can fill up you car with gas while carrying if you aren't wearing a coat to cover your pistol without the police being called.

    OCing is pretty common in the more rural/northern part of the state. While I CC most of the time, when I'm up north at my cabin I will sometimes run into town and not cover up.

    The benefit to open carry is that it desensitizes the public to seeing guns. The streets didn't run with blood and it's not really a thing here anymore.
  33. In Florida, I can legally OC walking around my property and going to/from hunting and fishing. That's it.

  34. Property including your business.
  35. I'm not sure what you're actually doubting. Are you saying the Commission didn't take the action that the article claims? Are you saying Sheriff Ivey didn't make the comments attributed to him?
  36. This has been discussed ad nauseum. Lots of people have explained their positions on open carry. If you don't get it, that's fine, but don't try to tell other gun owners how they should feel.
  37. Or concealed carry.
  38. I don't care one way or the other, but I doubt it will pass.
  39. Yeah, but the only place I ever see it is in gun stores and pawn shops.
  40. That’s pretty ****ing far from what I said, reading comprehension is not very strong with you

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  41. Somehow, we wound up with a Commissioner of the Florida Dept. of Agriculture who is anti-gun... and she is the one that runs the Concealed Weapons program here in Florida... crazy.
    The State's laws have eminence over local laws, thankfully, but she's been trying to restrict us.
    We're still have reciprocal agreements with 36 states, making 37 with our own.
    Of course, my daughter has to live in Illannoy, but I can CC there inside my car. :D
  42. it shows NJ in yellow as being able to be licensed to open carry, that is BS, NJ is one of the strictest States around not too far behind NYC
  43. the Mouse isn't a State
  44. I have heard this a lot but I literally have never seen a person OC in Michigan or anywhere else. I personally don’t get OC if you have a permit. If I have a ccw I’m carrying concealed and would have zero reason to OC. This is just my personal opinion and I’m not making a total blanketing statement including everyone but I think A LOT of OC is just about look at me rather than anything else.

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  45. They don't want to get robbed, and OC strongside is the quickest deploy.

  46. She's also dropped the review time for CCW from 88 days to 25 days before all this virus crap hit. She has also stated that she will continue to issue CCW cards even if a citizen has a medical marijuana card. Most of the anti-2A stuff she's been accused of was started before she was in office. I'm not aware of what she has done that makes her the most anti-2A DeptAg that the NRA has labeled her. Do you have any links to more info?
  47. Heh...when I moved to FL and got my first CWFL, it was signed by Charles Bronson. :D
  48. Evidently NJ allows OC with a FOID according to this. I left NJ in 1983 so I can't comment further.


    Open Carry in New Jersey
    Last updated October 28, 2019.

    New Jersey law does not explicitly prohibit the open carry of a handgun in public if the possessor has a valid permit to carry a handgun.1

    New Jersey allows the open carry of long guns (i.e. rifles and shotguns) if the possessor has a valid Firearms Purchaser Identification Card.2 New Jersey prohibits any person from knowingly possessing a loaded long gun, with certain exceptions.
  49. So, in NJ, you can open carry a long gun as long as it's not loaded?
  50. They are safer than way.


    I tried to get to the footnote to see what the" certain exceptions " were, but no luck.

    Any current NJ citizens that can comment ?

    EDIT: Found this

    New Jersey allows the open carrying of a long gun with a proper permit. N.J. Rev. Stat. § 2C:39-5(c).