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Wash your dogs feet

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by -=DFOX=-, May 20, 2005.

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    Sep 17, 2001
    Ive been going through hell over the last 2 years, trying to figure out why my Chocolate lab would get blisters and sores inside her paws, vet couldnt even figure it out, Even had to have one sore lasered off (200 bucks)

    Ive narrowed it down to swimming in the pool. I figured that the left over chlorine made her paws itch, then she would lick them until a big sore developed. This time I washed her real good, put preperation H on the sore, it went away. So wash your pups feet after being in the chlorine pool.

    I thought about not letting her swim, but Labs and water definetly mix :)