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Wanting to get a g30

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Hello fellow glockers my family is chipping in on a gift certificate at my local gun store as a christmas present for me. I have at the present 3g g17 which I got four christmases ago and love it. Hunderds of rounds through it and never a problem. That being said I think I'd like to get a new g30 so please your support and advice will be greatly appreciated. So you know 5 or 6 hundred $ is a lot of money for me and mine and I'm well schooled in shooting and .45 shooting is not a problem for me. I just want to make a good decision like I did with my g17. So anything you folks can tell pos and negs will be taken to heart. Thank you :wavey:
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The G30SF is my favorite Glock. It's a very accurate and soft shooting .45. For carry, you can use flush fitting 9-round mags or the standard 10-round mags. Then, for home defense, put a 13-round mag in it with an A&G magazine spacer. Sure, you can get a smaller Glock .45 in the 36 or 39, but they are not as versatile as the G30. I highly recommend the G30SF and hope you will be as happy with yours as I am with mine. :supergrin: Oh, my G30SF is not picky about ammo and has reliable fired everything that I've put through her...Speer Gold Dots, Speer Lawman, American Eagle, WWB, and Federal. Here's a pic of mine and the different magazines:

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Mine is solid shooting and also soft on the recoil. Feels different than a 1911.
have been thinking the same, I love my 23, but have shot the 30 a few times & I think I like shooting it more, but carry is easier with 23...I'm a skinny guy though
Get the SF version, much closer to your 17 in grip size than the regular 30.
Although somewhat chunky the G30 with the right holster is very easy to conceal. Like all Glocks it is tough as nails (actually probably tougher with the Tennifer finish). Goes Bang everytime. Is very, very accurate. In fact in some friendly shoot offs mine has put some much more expensive guns to shame. The Polygon rifiling really does keep the velocity up.
We chrono'ed some Winchester Ranger 230gr. +P out of a 5" 1911. It averaged 980 f.p.s.! Smoking for a bullet that big. In my G30 it was still moving at an average velocity of 940 f.p.s.. So you are not lossing much velocity at all in the shorter barrrel. Another 3.8 inch .45 we shot with regular rifiling was a bit below 900 f.p.s.. Add to that 10+1 rounds on board a nice compact gun and with a back up G21 mag with 13 rounds that's alot of firepower.
The only real negative is that the gun is big in the hand. If it's too big in your and try the SF. Even though it feels chunky in my hand I have no problems shooting it well. Except for the grip size I see no negatives. I've had several Glocks come and go over the years. My G30 is going nowhere. That's the highest praise I can give it.
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I've got the G26, G27 and G30. The G30 is far and away my favorite gun, and the one I shoot with the most accuracy. It is chunky, but my hand is not all that big (XL glove size) and I handle the standard size quite well. Regular or SF, I think you'll love it, too.
What Melissa5 said except in G30.
I have 6 Glocks. My G30 (not SF) is my favorite and most accurate. The G30 fits my hand well, therefore I have not tried a G30 SF.
G30SF hands down!!!!!

Extremely soft recoil compared to a 1911 and G21.

A breeze to shoot one-handed and comes back on target very quickly.

Ease of controlability of a carry weapon far outweighs, for me at least, the perception that it is more difficult to conceal. Most of the non-carrying zombies will never notice a slight bulge under your shirt, as so many people carry cell phones, etc. on their belts. Besides, a good holster will diguise the shaope pretty well.
I have a 30 sf also .A little smaller grip,very accurate,and combined with 9 rd mag with a g29 pierce base plate makes a good carry weapon.It is one of the most accurate glocks i own.
My G30SF is my favorite handgun and my preferred EDC. It's accurate, soft shooting, and easy to wear concealed.
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