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wanting a CZ!

  1. all tho I like Glock's a lot I been thinking to get a 75SA or a 85 combat but the one think I was not to happy is seem like the prices have gone crazy, I had a SP01 at some point and I remember paying $500.00 OTD for it. I check several places and they are going from $640.00 to $700.00 that is just crazy.
  2. I too would like to get a CZ 75B Compact, but I have decided to get a Glock 19 first since the price is right. The CZ is next!
  3. I just picked up a nice used CZ 75 BD and I'm in love! I really wanted the single-action version, but this one was at a good price and I didn't want to pass it up. After shooting it, I understand why CZ owners love their CZ's. I will own at least one more, probably the CZ 75 SA and I really like the looks of the SP-01 and the CZ 97.

    I keep meaning to post some pics but am having a bit of camera trouble. Have some up soon.
  4. You might want to handle both before you buy. I found that the finger grooves on a 19 don't match my fingers. OTOH, the CZ grip feels like it was made for me.
  5. I bought a couple of CZ's in the past, they were alot cheaper a few years back, I think the price has gone up since word is getting around that they are fine pistols.

    The shop I bought my CZ's from is selling them for more than what I paid a few years ago so I know the prices have gone up on CZ's
  6. CZs are outstanding pistols and unfortunately the market has evened out the price a bit.

    Before, they were incredible values, now the price is about correct for what you get.
  7. Word is out on CZ pistols and the days of buying a 75B for <$400 are gone. We think those days are not coming back.

  8. Althought the prices have climbed, it's still a fine weapon for someone looking for a "non-plastic" gun.

    Best appeal to these guns is the ergonomics followed closely in hand by their reliability and accuracy! Don't worry too much about the trigger. It smooths out after a few hundred rounds of ammo and dry firing.

    If you do get one, make sure to look into the Kadet adaptor kit. I've got an adaptor kit that within 25 feet shoots as accurately as my 617. Go past that though and the 617 will show its accuracy.
  9. Great pistol, P01. Awesome ergos and a all around top class performer. I did however find that the weight and grip shape along with the rubber grip material didn't lend themselves to CCW for ME.
  10. thanks for the link's
  11. I just have to add the rumor I've heard. It's simply because of the devaluing of the dollar on the world market. This is just the start of things to come, I'm sure you will soon see it on all imported goods. CZ's are as good of a firearm as there is, but we do have to draw the line somewhere. I heard 2010 there would be a significant price increase, I guess you guys are claiming it to be true!
  12. Wish I had seen these prices a few hours ago. Picked up a CZ 75 SA today and paid more than $410.00. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Should be a fun shooter though!
  13. For some reason I doubt these prices are current
  14. almost got one, but went G22 instead
  15. This was at the bottom of the website:

    Local prices may be slightly higher
    Thanks for visiting the Long Island Shooting Center
    Current as of Saturday, March 27, 2010

    The prices may well be correct!