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Im planning the review of the GLOCK 17 for youtube (finally)

I want to talk about some of the modifications you can do to the GLOCK pistol to fit your needs and personallity. The only problem is I have no mods on my G17 yet...

I was wondering if anyone would mind me using some pics of your GLOCK pistols to show different mods and what-not. We all love to show off our GLOCKS so heres your chance!!!!

I will need 2-5 pics of your GLOCK from different angles and a few close ups. Also I will need a list of mods to put with the pics as well as your name (real or username, It dosent matter.)

I will plug all of you guys as well as the GlockTalk Forum in the vid complete with a link to the forum in the info box.

So what do you guys say??

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