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Can you all give me your 2 "scents" when it comes to camo?....Scent control/no scent control....insulated/non-insulated.... pants/bibs....hooded/non-hooded....I have to get all my jackets & pants in TALL sizes....and am having a hard time finding any "locally"......and am probably going to make the trip to Cabela's.....but before i do, need some opinions/feedback/experience etc. etc. etc......
Also, I HAVE to have a "quiet" I am a Bowhunter that sits up in the air 17 feet or so....

I am located in Akron, Ohio, and hunt Ohio only.

Ok, Bring it on.....and don't worry, i won't judge anyone's long as it's clean.

Thank You'all in Advance,


Gen3 26; Gen4 19
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