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Want a Nikon D40 DSLR?

  1. You're probably missing a good deal if you don't buy it.

    B&H is rather conservative with sale prices. Since the new Nikon announcements, and since the D40X has been around now for a while, Amazon is probably clearing their inventory expecting D40 to be end-of-lifed. If that is of no concern to you, then it's a good opportunity.

    Do consider that you need motorized lenses with that camera. Regular ones will not autofocus.
  2. I got emails from Wolf/Ritz for $699 plus a $25 gift card.

    If I wanted one, I would trust Amazon even with that kind of price difference.
  3. The deal is gone from the website. I bet it was an error.

    I wonder if anybody actually got it for the low price of $569?

    It is now back to $699.

    But I did notice several sellers offering the new Canon S5 IS at about $350. Add for shipping, a SD memory card and no-name rechargable batteries and charger and it will go over $420
  4. did you read the link I posted?
  5. I read the linked items.
    I post as Chip00 on the DPReview.

    Some say they got a tracking number and it was shipped.

    I wonder if anybody actually received it at the price.

    Just wondering.

    Anyway, it sounded good while it lasted.
  6. A few weeks / month ago I remember reading on the DP forum that 1 or 2 people did get the camera for that price - Amazon did admit it was a pricing error but still honored it for them.

    I'm surprised to see them make the same mistake twice! I'm sure if you placed your order fast enough (ie, let them charge you for it) you would get it.

    For me, I just missed it. I ended up getting my D40 from Ritz for a decent price with just the 18-55 kit lense.
  7. prices vary a lot I have found....

    BH and adorama sells the canon efs 60mm macro for like 384 while best buy, and local mega chains such as cc and wolf sell the same lens for 499....