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Walther PPK/S Loaded mags won't drop free

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I was cleaning some handguns after a recent range trip and noticed something odd. I have a Walther PPK/S that I just started to use as a carry gun for the summer. I noticed today if I load it, rack a round in the chamber, then drop the mag to top it off, some 4 out of 5 the magazine will only drop about an inch and then I have to pull it out. Once I do I can see the top most round in the magazine is sticking forward slightly. This happens with all three magazines I currently own. It only happens with a loaded magazine after racking the slide to put one in the chamber.

I'm not sure if it's an issue with the gun, the magazines, or me. So far I've put 300-400 rounds through the Walther at the range without any issues but this has me concerned about using it as a carry gun.
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Is this something normal that won't affect reliability then? To clarify if I place a loaded magazine in the gun and don't rack the slide I can press the mag release and it pops out smoothly. If I rack the slide the topmost round chambers and it appears the next round after is pushed forward slightly, which blocks the magazine from dropping out unless I pull it (and if I pull too hard that round can even pop out). I'm not bothered by having to do this but I was worried it was indicative of some other problem.

I'd probably never have even noticed if I didn't carry the gun, since I don't bother topping off for the full 7+1 at the range. I will say the gun has been very reliable at the range. It had a total of one hiccup the first day I shot it, and even goes through the Blazer Aluminum my wife's Glock 42 chokes on fairly well.

Thanks for the replies. I've been shooting over a decade and it still surprises me sometimes (even though it shouldn't) how much I have to learn about firearms.
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