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I had to run a couple errands on my way home from work yesterday 1. Stop by WM (Indianapolis IN) (Emmerson/465) for a restaurant gift card for my daughter and her husbands 2nd wedding anniversary. Then drop by POPS Indoor range at Washington and Post, where I have a membership to get something. So, I stopped by WM and they had Federal 9mm and Perfecta, $14.97, or $13.97, el cheapo that I am and having never tried it, I got a box of Perfecta.

Next on to Pops, and after getting what I needed, I decided to send all fifty roinds of the newly purchased Perfecta, down range in a Glock-26 2.5 Gen, I just happened to have with me that day.

I should have spent the extra $1 on the Federal IMHO, the Perfecta fed and fired fine, but was kinda inaccurate compared to the Federal I have been used to, and seemed to me to be differently powered up. Some rounds felt weak, some in the same mag from the same box were more powerful.

Cheap range ammo for the ol lady to use in her G-17, but for me, I will go Federal or Winchester for me. By the way, there were no restrictions on how many boxes you could buy at that WM unless it was .22LR, of which none was to be found.
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