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Fiocchi is good stuff
Yes and no, in my opinion.

I used to shoot the Fiocchi FMJ range ammo and it did okay.

But when I tried out the JHP Extrema XTP ammo it varied quite a bit.

The 124-grain Extrema seemed even weaker than standard pressure 124-grain Remington Golden Saber, which I understand is designed to open up well at 1125 fps velocity. This Fiocchi ammo carried the SAAMI logo on the box.

The 115-grain Extrema on the other hand felt like a +P round even though it's standard pressure. It carried the CIP logo on the box. In addition, this round was remarkably and consistently accurate for a mediocre marksman like me. I carried it in the small 9mm pistol I owned that wasn't rated for +P ammos.

For the range, today I'd pay the extra dollar for the Federal FMJ ammo.
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