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    Guys were mopping up. The Captain was interviewed shortly before he died...being thankful nobody got hurt.

    Two Moulton Firefighters Die in the Line of Duty
    February 22, 2006

    Link for vid

    Two Moulton firefighters died Tuesday night when a wall of a business collapsed on them.

    Firefighters from at least five different departments responded to a call at Outdoor Parts and Service on Morgan Street in Moulton around 5 p.m. Tuesday. It took them a couple of hours to bring the blaze under control at the lawn mower repair shop.

    Around 9:45 p.m., the front wall of the building gave way, pinning two firefighters in the rubble. One of the firefighters, Dustin Jones, was 24. We're told he was burned as a young child, and that's what made him want to become a firefighter.

    Captain Lloyd McCulloch also died. He was 63. Ironically, we interviewed him Tuesday evening, when the fire was dying down. He talked with NewsChannel 19 about how dangerous it is to fight fires, and that his department was fortunate no one was hurt in this one. McCulloch's family granted us permission to use his interview on television after he died.

    Firefighters on the scene scrambled to try and dig them out of the debris. It took them about twenty minutes to reach the bodies. Both were dead.

    In a show of respect for their fallen brothers, firefighters took off their helmets and prayed.

    State fire marshal Richard Montgomery spoke at a news conference Tuesday morning. Other local leaders also talked about what people in Moulton are going through right now.

    Funeral arrangements have not been set yet for Capt. Lloyd McCulloch and Dustin Jones. We will post that information on WHNT.com when we learn more details.

    A fund has been set up to help the families affected by this tragedy. You can make a donation at The Citizens Bank of Moulton.
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    in related news, the ACLU is planning a law suit against the fire company regarding the removal of helmets and prayer after the event.