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WALKING DEAD season 7 spoiled and foiled - 7b

  1. cant find my other thread . so this will covering second half of 7

    dont read if dont wanna know .

    Episode Breakdown - 7B

    The following is a breakdown of the episodes in 7b. This is a compilation of filming info and educated speculation that we have gathered throughout the season. It does not cover everything that happens in each episode. While we believe most of this information is accurate, please note that anything can change by the time the episodes air.

    Episode 7.9

    Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Maggie, Rosita, Aaron, Eric, Sasha, Enid, Tara, Jesus, Gregory, Father Gabriel, Ezekiel, Morgan, Carol, Richard, Ben, Jerry, Simon, Tobin, “Garbage Pail Kids” (New junkyard group) and finally…Penis Tree.

    Location: Hilltop, Kingdom, Highway, Alexandria, Woods


    * Team Family has a meeting with Gregory about fighting the Saviors. He will most likely turn them down. Maggie’s potential leadership is looming.

    * Jesus leads Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tara, Rosita, Sasha, and Daryl to the Kingdom to meet Ezekiel where Rick tries to convince them to join the war. Rick’s attempt fails and they leave. Daryl stays.

    * Rick and Co. encounter a herd on the highway and also find explosives (likely the same ones seen in the promo pics). Should be an explosion in this scene.

    * Father Gabriel encounters the mysterious “Boots” from episode 8. This is speculated to be new character Tamiel from the Garbage Pail Kids. We are supposed to find out her identity in a later episode. “Boots” is rumored to take Father G along with a bunch of Alexandria’s supplies back with her.

    * Saviors, led by Simon, go to Alexandria, likely looking for Daryl.

    * Rick, Michonne, Aaron, Tara, and Rosita go looking for Father G and encounter the new junkyard group (and the penis tree).

    Episode 7.10

    Characters: Rick, Michonne, Tara, Aaron, Rosita, Father Gabriel, Daryl, Carol, Morgan, Ezekiel, Morgan, Richard, Daniel, Jerry, Ben(?), Jadis, Brion, Tamiel, (NEW!) Garbage Pail Kids

    Location: Kingdom, Carol’s Creepy House of Horrors, Junkyard


    * Rick’s group goes back to the new group’s headquarters at a junkyard. Rick is forced to fight a crazy spiked walker in their junkyard fighting pit. This is supposed to be some kind of test to prove Team Family’s worth. Rick wins…

    * Rick tries to make an alliance with their leader Jadis in order to help grow his army against the Saviors. By the end of their encounter a deal is made. Rick is asked to bring the GPK more guns in exchange for their assistance.

    * Richard is still desperate to fight the Saviors. He devises a plan which involves leading the Saviors to Carol and baiting them into killing her. He thinks her death could encourage Zeke to agree to war. Daryl supposedly goes along with this plan until he learns Carol is the target. This is supposed to trigger a fight which can be seen briefly in the trailer for 7b.

    * Daryl finds where Carol has been staying and visits her. The two share a hug or two and talk. Carol cooks for Daryl. We do not believe that Daryl tells her what happened with Glenn and Abe. He ends up leaving the house and goes back to the Kingdom.

    * It’s rumored that Daryl makes “friends” with Shiva.

    Episode 7.11

    Characters: Negan, Dwight, Eugene, Dr. Emmett Carson, Negan’s harem, other Saviors

    Location: The Sanctuary, Dwight’s former house(?)


    * Most of the episode appears to take place at the Sanctuary.

    * Eugene cooperates and is put to work for Negan. He supposedly gains status, which grants him access to some amenities. His experience at the Sanctuary should be much different than Daryl’s.

    * Dwight visits a house, which belonged to him and Sherry before the ZA. We think something will happen here that might be the start of what will become Dwight's turncoat arc from the comics.

    * It will be revealed who wrote the note and helped Daryl escape. (Sherry)

    * It’s speculated that Dr. Emmett Carson (the Doc at the Sanctuary) will take the fall for Daryl’s escape and be killed.

    Episode 7.12

    Characters: Rick, Michonne, Tara, Father Gabriel, Rosita, Sasha, Judith, Garbage Pail Kids

    Location: School (with carnival), Alexandria, Junkyard, Woods, Hilltop


    * Rick and Michonne go scavenging for guns at a school which happens to also have a carnival set up there. Military trucks and tents were also at the filming location. Rick and Michonne will share some sexy times as well as moments of levity in this episode.

    * Rick has a close call while fighting a large group of walkers and almost doesn’t make it out of alive.

    * Rick, Michonne, Tara, Rosita, and Father Gabriel make a visit to the junkyard, presumably to turn over guns they scavenged as per their agreement.

    * Rosita visits the Hilltop to enlist Sasha’s help with something.

    Episode 7.13

    Characters: Maggie, Daryl, Sasha, Eugene, Rosita, Negan, Simon, Jesus, Enid, Gregory, Dr. Harlan Carson, Saviors

    Location: Hilltop, Sanctuary


    * Sasha and Rosita apparently go rogue on a mission to the Sanctuary. Seems like they are on a suicide mission to take out Negan on their own.

    * There’s a scene where Rosita and Sasha set a car on fire. Then later another scene where a few Saviors are herding walkers into storage containers, using water jugs to cover their heads. Rosita and Sasha take out these Saviors.

    * Sasha makes it inside the Sanctuary while Rosita does not.

    * There are rumors that Eugene gets an opportunity to be rescued but turns it down. What’s goin’ on there, Eugene?

    * Saviors come to Hilltop and take Dr. Harlan Carson. Maggie and Daryl have to hide and are almost discovered.

    * There's whispers that it will be revealed that Jesus is gay.

    Episode 7.14

    Characters: Carol, Ezekiel, Morgan, Ben, Richard, Jerry, Daniel, other Kingdom people

    Location: Kingdom, Carol’s house, other outside areas


    * According to information listed in casting calls and other rumors that have surfaced, both Richard and Ben die in this episode.

    * At this time, we think Ben’s death will be caused by some shady dealings from Richard during a supply drop. We’ll call it “melon-gate.” It’s believed that he will stir up a conflict between the Saviors and the Kingdomers as another attempt to get Ezekiel to fight back. But Ben will end up paying the price with his life.

    * Morgan was seen dragging Richard’s body. We believe Ben’s death will trigger Morgan to regress back into “crazy mode” and he will kill Richard as a result. His life wasn’t all that precious, was it Morgan?

    * It's speculated that Morgan will go back to Carol and eventually tell her what happened to Glenn and Abe. Carol filmed at the Kingdom, so it appears she goes back to encourage Zeke to fight.

    Episode 7.15

    Characters: Rick, Michonne, Carl, Tara, Father Gabriel, Jesus, Daryl, Maggie, Aaron, Negan, Sasha, Gregory, Tobin, Eric, Natania, Cyndie, Rachel, Beatriz, Kathy

    Location: Sanctuary, Hilltop, Oceanside


    * Tara ends up breaking her promise to Cyndie and tells Rick about their group. They travel to Oceanside along with a large group of Alexandrians.

    * Since they brought such a large group to Oceanside, it seems that their initial meetings might not be entirely peaceful. We suspect there will be conflicts and the Oceanside women might not agree to fight. However, Team Family does appear to get a hold of their weapons.

    * Supposed to be some really cool ocean walkers in this episode.

    * Sasha will become Negan's prisoner. Very possible we could see a remix of that comic Holly scene where a Savior makes an aggressive advance on Sasha. Probably won't end well for that Savior.

    Episode 7.16

    Characters: Rick, Michonne, Carl, Daryl, Maggie, Sasha, Rosita, Tara, Negan, Eugene, Jesus, Dwight, Simon, Father Gabriel, Aaron, Eric, Enid, Carol, Morgan, Judith, Ezekiel, Scott, Tobin, Jadis, Tamiel, Brion, Jerry, Daniel, Dianne, Eduardo, GPK, Saviors

    Location: Sanctuary, Hilltop, Alexandria


    * Negan catches word about Rick gathering an army and heads to ASZ with his Savior troops. Sasha and Eugene are also with him. From what we have heard, Sasha does not arrive alive.

    * There's rumors that Michael Cudlitz came back to film for the finale. Most likely a flashback/ dream sequence involving Sasha's death.

    * The Garbage Pail Kids are also at ASZ and filming reports suggest that they do fire at Team Family. Looks like they double crossed our heroes and fight alongside Negan.

    * Episode is basically a chaotic battle, LOTS of gunfire, smoke, and possible explosions.

    * Rick and Rosita are supposedly shot. Injuries do not seem serious.

    * Eugene tells Team Family they should surrender. Appears to be siding with the Saviors. (Come on, man!)

    * Whispers of a possible remix of the second line up scene from the comics. We are hearing it will be much smaller and might only involve Rick and Carl. Negan might attempt to Lucille Carl, only to be saved by the Kingdomers (Shiva!!!) at the last second. Hilltoppers eventually join in on the fun when they arrive a little later.

    *Michonne filmed on a large crane during the finale. This appears to be a remix of the Andrea tower scene from the comics, only it will involve Michonne and a member of the GPK.

    * Saviors and GPK were both witnessed retreating during filming. The battle has been won and war has officially begun! Reports of speeches, chanting, and cheering during filming. Looks like the end of the episode will be everyone (ASZ, Hilltop, Kingdom) rallying together, ready for all out war.
  2. I hope this doesn't mean they wait until the last episode of the season for a large battle between the two groups.
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  4. I find myself not caring anymore about TWD. I used to care.

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  5. I'm unapologetically on Team Negan.
  6. Rick is back in business! Thru all the pain and loss, now reunited with his family group, he had decided, along with most of the others, that it is TIME. With Python in holster, he will again show us the fearlessness that we are used to. Now to meet with the other communities to gather strength and support to get the job done. But wait...there is a problem.

    Father Gabriel is missing! How, I don't have the details yet, but I know who holds him....The "Garbage Pail Kids",(name forthcoming). They are holding him at gunpoint, and our group, Rick, Michonne, Aaron, Tara and Rosita are shown in a photo, going thru a field. It's at this moment they find the mysterious group. Guns drawn, they meet. Neither trusts the other. The other group sends out some people and our group will follow them to their community. Rick and crew will meet the leader, Yes she is a woman, and the mysterious Brion from the casting call, although I don't think they keep that name for her.

    The person with the boots is the second woman in command of this group, she has been spying on Alexandria and other members of our group. They have few weapons and some makeshift knives. DO NOT get too comfortable with this group! They will pretend to join with our group. Although they will seem to become friendly, there will be betrayal in the finale! I spoke about guns, weapons in an earlier spoiler. There are MANY! Remember the empty grave promo pic? Yes, it is VERY likely that Gabriel DID hide them at some point. Neither Rick or Michonne have knowledge of this at the end of episode 708....There will be quite a change in Rick as 709 starts.

    Beyond 7.09:

    As for peeks into the finale.... confirmed that Sasha dies, Negan kills her and lets her turn, she is presented in a coffin, when it is revealed that she is indeed a walker now. There are #unconfirmed rumors that another dies also... I am still gathering info on this second death. There will be an all out battle in the finale. Guns blazing and a betrayal happens then.

    The new group will arrive in trucks, someone called the "???? man, will jam the gate at Alexandria, the new group will demand the hidden guns and turn on our group...

    There will be CHAOS. Rick will get shot, as well as Tara (or Rosita) also. Then Ezekiel shows up with Carol and horses, and Sheva. The tiger kills a few people and it's guns a blazing the whole time. As far as I can confirm, Rick and Tara (or Rosita) survive, but I do believe this will be a cliff hanger ending. Either that we have to wait to see who survives the gunshots, or, the second death perhaps.

    Second death is rumored to be Morgan, but all of my sources, CAN NOT confirm this at this time. There also is a rumored scene between Negan and Carl and it doesn't sound good, but I CAN NOT confirm this either.

    I can CONFIRM that Daryl, Michonne, Ezikiel and Carol, DO survive the finale...


    *Gabriel is held hostage by other group.
    * Other group acts friendly, then betrays.
    * Guns/weapons are hidden.
    * Battle in finale.
    * Rick and Tara (or Rosita) are shot.
    * Ezekiel and Carol involved in battle in finale.
    * Sheva kills in finale.
    * Daryl, Michonne, and Carol are safe at finale.


    * Bad dealings between Negan and Carl in finale.
    * Second death.
    * Sasha is pregnant by Abe?????? This may be in a flashback when she dies.
    * There may be dynamite and an explosio

  7. Kingdomers waiting in the parking lot for the Saviors. While wating, Dianne shoots a female walker with an arrow. Mentions her sister had the same dress.

    Saviors show up (sneak peek from TTD last Sunday) and check out the goods. Jared and Richard have words. Everyone pulls guns, Gavin and Ezekiel try to restore order. Ezekiel orders Richard to turn over their guns. Jared goes to whack Richard with his, but Morgan steps in with his stick and fends away Jared's strike and knocks the gun to the ground. No more guns for Richard. But he must keep coming to the drops because he's the first one they kill if they need to, according to Gavin.

    Oops. Morgan shouldn't have...Jared grabs the stick from Morgan and whacks Richard and smashes Morgan's face with it. Ouch! And Jared keeps his stick.

    Later, back at the Kingdom, Daryl runs across Morgan. He knows the score. They talk about WWCD (what would Carol do?) and Morgan gets pissy and leaves. Then Daryl comes up on Richard practicing shooting arrows. Richard offers him a crossbow. ??? Richard wants something...

    Cat sculpture made of trash. We're now at the home of the GPK. Rick and the gang are now prisoners of sorts. Rick is still smiling. Jadis appears and basically says they own them now. Unless they have something to buy their lives back with. Rick acts like, "whatever" and tells them they took what they had to buy back their lives, so they have nothing. But the Saviors own them, so if they find them missing, they will come looking. And you either are owned or die with the Saviors. So join up and fight them. (more like a "whatcha gonna do, now, beeotch?" moment). No dice. Jadis motions and the GPK surround the gang and a fight breaks out. Rosita's tired of all this **** and starts kicking ass. Everyone's kung fu fighting, fast as lightning....(except Aaron- he gets his face wound reopened) GPK pulls guns and everyone stops. But FG is quick with the knife stealing and has Tamiel at knifepoint and gets everyone to listen to him. He tells them how badass Rick is and the group can do just about anything. Just let them know what they want. Jadis wants it now. They head Rick up to the top of the toiletdome mound of trash.

    The rest of the group is herded off to another area, and Tara wonders who these people are. Rosita *****ily describes them as their new best friends as they wait.

    As Jadis and Rick talk, Jadis wants to know if Rick is worth it. Before anything is answered, Jadis pushes him into the toiletdome !!

    Meanwhile, Richard and Daryl are now out in the woods. Richard says he’s been watching Daryl and notes he’s pissed. No ****. They both need to convince Zeke to fight. Daryl uses his new crossbow to whack a couple of walkers as they talk. Then he points the weapon at Richard and Richard dang near ****s his pants. He shoots…into the bushes behind him. Woodchuck. Richard gets Daryl to reluctantly agree they need to kill someone to get the message across to Zeke. They go to Richard’s Molotov cocktail trailer and get a gun and cocktails. And they end up on the side of the road well-travelled by saviors. They hide. Richard tells him the plan. Savior truck approaches on the road. Just as Richard starts to shoot at the Saviors, Daryl jumps on him. Then the fight! Ends in a draw.

    Now, Rick and Winslow the walker fight it out. Michonne and the gang look through the viewing ports and yell out to Rick trying to help him navigate. Rick pulls crap out of the wall of trash to topple over Winslow. Rick hops on him and cuts off his head and they toss him a rope and he climbs out. Jadis is impressed with Rick and agrees to the deal and a third of the Saviors' stuff when they win, but they want lots of guns first. Deal is struck.

    As they were packing up the stuff back into the car, Gabriel asks why Rick smiled when caught. He told him someone showed him enemies can become friends. Rick gives Michonne the cat sculpture and they leave the toiletdome and the GPK.

    Now is the time for Zeke and gang to show up at Carol’s. A bit pleased to see him but she really wants to be left alone. But she tells his majesty goodbye at the door. Jerry offers up cobbler. Reluctantly, Carol takes it. Can we get a hell yeah? Um…no. Bye. So they leave. Then, just as she settles, another knock at the door. Daryl…well come on in….and you heard all the stuff about it. Not wasting my lame typing skills on rehashing that…

    After Daryl leaves, he goes back to the Kingdom and makes friends with Shiva in her cage. He pulls out the woodchuck (*******) he killed earlier and feeds her with it. He rubs her neck. They’re pals now. Morgan comes up on him and they talk about things. He doesn’t tell about Richard’s plan, only that his head ain’t right. MORGAN has to convince Zeke. Morgan refuses. Daryl tells him whatever he’s holding on to is gone. Wake the hell up. Daryl says he’s going to HT in the morning, so get them ready.

    Next morning Daryl stands at the gate. It opens, he goes. Richard watches. Morgan sees Richard…they make eye contac
  8. Season 8?
  9. Nope, that's from a 2009 movie called Pandorum.
  10. Spoiler thread bumped, for those so inclined... I didn't find a season eight spoiler thread