Walker: Texas Ranger old series

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    Does anyone watch the Walker, Texas Ranger reruns? I know that he carries a 44 cal Smith & Wesson revolver in the beginning series, and switches to a Taurus 92/100? Stainless with custom leather holster w/ belt.Custom grips w/ranger insignia?

    What does Ranger Trivette carry? I think it is some type of Desert Eagle "smaller' series semi auto? 9mm or ? Was Walker's a 9mm or 40 ?
    I have seen retired Ranger CD carry a snub nose revolver(38 spec.?), and a double barrel coach shotgun.Can Texas Rangers still carry whatever they prefer?
    Seems they carried 45 ACP 1911A's for quite a while,do they carry Glocks now?

    Just curious about the newer Rangers firearms.