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    A man in a restaurant orders soup, steak and potatoes, hot apple pie, and coffee, for his dinner. The waiter goes to the kitchen, and brings out a bowl of piping hot tomato soup. The man notices that the waiter's thumb is immersed inside the bowl of soup, but decides not to say anything.

    After finishing the soup, the waiter comes back with the man's steak and mashed potatoes. Again, the man notices that the waiter's thumb is in the mashed potatoes. The man eats his steak and potatoes, and wonders why the waiter always has his thumb in his food...

    When the waiter brings the man's hot apple pie, sure enough, his thumb is in the man's apple pie. The man eats his pie, and now wants to know what the heck is going on.

    When the waiter comes out with the man's coffee, the man is not surprised to see his (the waiter's) thumb in the coffee when he brings it out. As the man sips his coffee, he irritably asks the waiter "Why do you always have your thumb in my food?!?"

    The waiter leans over and says "Sir, I have a skin condition on my thumb. It's perfectly harmless, but the doctor says that I should always keep the thumb in a warm and damp place."

    The man angrily demands "Then why don't you just stick your thumb up your arse?!?"

    The waiter says "Sir, that's exactly what I do when I am back in the kitchen."

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