Wahoo Wacker 10/20

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    Oct 8, 2001
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    Left the ballpark at G'town in a Grady White WAC 228 a little before 7am and headed out at about a 65*. 8:40 or so, the lines were in the water. We were using 2 Wahoo Wackers and 2 lb. weights on the rear trolling at about 16-18 mph. At 9:10, the rod with the red and white bait hit. I grabbed it, strapped up, and the fight was on (sorta). It only took about 10 minutes to get the little fella to the boat, but with is mouth open and full of weeds he felt a whole lot bigger than the 15lbs. that he was. Oh well, a fish is in the boat.

    We continued on out with the high speed trolling with no luck so we went to the ballyhoo. After getting out 4 of 7 lines, the long line hit. Henry and his son were on this thing for 45 minutes. We thought we kept on seeing the fish in the water, but all we could see was brown. And that is what it was -- weeds. After that time was wasted, we got 8 lines out and trolled for about 1.5 hours. We got nothing. Not even a hit.

    On the way in, we trolled up and down a weedline offshore about 9 miles. It spanned N-S for about 5 +/- miles. There were a bunch of Spanish around, but we didn't have any spinning outfits on the boat. Shimano TLD25s don't go with Clark spoons too well.

    Anyway, we got back to the ballpark at about 5:00pm with the one Wahoo in the boat. It was a great day even though only one fish was caught. The place was almost like glass for the ride in. The ocean was the clamest I had ever seen it before.
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    Jan 25, 2001
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    sounds like a great time. i love being on the BIG water almost as much as i love bass fishing. i usually go a little farther off shore for yellow-fin tuna and marlin. (have yet to get a marlin) anyway, it is really something being out of sight of land...the farthest i have been is 114 miles off the coast of florida (cape canaveral) i can smell the salt just thinking about it...glad you had fun.

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    Jan 9, 2002
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    here is a killer spread for high speed wahoo, if you happen to use downriggers, otherwise you can use trolling sinkers to get the same effect:

    from the transom run an 8lb downrigger ball one the left, a 12lb ball on the right. use either the yo-zuri bonita, trembler, or braid vibrating lures. best colors are a red/black, purple/black, or chart/orange colors . i like to run two different colors to see what the fish want. fish the 8lb ball 30ft down and the 12lb ball 50ft down, these depths can be changed for what kind of water your fishing, but keep the 12lb ball deeper than the 8lb'er. have the lure about 30ft behind the ball. what i love about this rig is that with a high/low setup you can make about any turn and they will not tangle, the 8lb ball will pass over the 12lb line and not catch it. can even run two more wahoo wackers from the rodholders behind the downriggers and a shotgun line and you have a nice 5 bait spread that will run well at 18-25kts.

    tight lines...