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VPN woes....with Vista...

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Hey guys.

Recently posted on here about VPN issues I'm having with a client and we got it solved...for the most part.

Background on the situation:

Clients' former IT guy moved them from a Dell Win2003 server to a new Dell box running Server 2008.

After that, all hell broke loose and that's when we got called in to fix the mess that other guy made.

We have it all squared away now, except the office manager cannot VPN from her home computer, which runs Windows Vista Home edition. She WAS able to VPN with the old server.

Both my tech and I have no problems at all connecting to VPN using her credentials from machines running XP and 7, which is what leads us to suspect it's an issue with Vista.

One of the other guys in the office can VPN just fine on his laptop that runs XP PRO.

Before we take and upgrade her to 7, I thought I'd check with you guys here...

Last night she tried and couldn't logon, I tried immediately afterwards and connected just fine on my machine running 7.
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OK, I'm not a big windows users but I am a network engineer.
I am kind of surprised that Vista Home was EVER able to connect to a VPN server. Bug in the old VPN server software?
I was never able to get a Vista system to connect using OpenVPN and seldom with Aventail.
As I understand it, and again I am far from a MS person, Vista Home didn't really understand the concept of domains, it only used a local one.
Because a VPN connection usually involves, should involve, a bind to a different domain the Vista home system just didn't know how to deal.

I know, I know, not real tech talk. I said I don't really know Windows.
And because Windows doesn't really use domains in the much old Unix way....
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