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Vote in This Poll to Help the Only PRO-GUN Candidate Get a $10,000 Donation

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Texas State Senator Kirk Watson of Austin is holding an online vote to let people decide which Democratic State Representative from a contested district should get a $10,000 campaign donation from Watson’s campaign. Of the 10 finalists, only one (Abel Herrero) supported the campus carry and employer protection/parking lot bills in the last session. Since we obviously don't want a candidate who opposes right-to-carry getting the $10,000 donation, I think it makes sense for all of us to vote for Mr. Herrero in this poll. I don't see anything in the rules that says you have to be a Texan to vote in the poll, so, EVERYBODY, please vote to help the pro-gun candidate (and not one of the nine anti-gun candidates) win this $10,000 campaign donation. Here is the link:

Monopoly Buster: Texas Senator Kirk Watson - District 14

I've been looking through some old articles about Representative Herrero, and it seems that he probably understands better than most people why individuals deserve the right to defend themselves. In October 2007, his father died after being assaulted over a petty disagreement about who was first in line at a restaurant. Approximately fourteen months later, his half-sister was beaten to death by a man authorities now believe may have been a serial killer. Mr. Herrero's brother is a Corpus Christi police officer.

I don't know whether or not Abel Herrero's tragic past has had any impact on his stance on gun rights, but his position on concealed carry rights isn't exactly ambiguous. Last session, he put his name on both the parking lot bill and the campus carry bill.

Father of State Rep. Abel Herrero killed in restaurant confrontation Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Body identified as sister of Abel Herrero Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Corpus Christi, TX | | - Devon Herrero's Killer Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison

Man Convicted in Herrero's Half-Sister's Murder May Be A Serial Killer | KIII TV3 - News, Sports, Weather South Texas, Corpus Christi | Local News

Here is a press release announcing Herrero's TSRA/NRA endorsement:

CORPUS CHRISTI— The National Rifle Association state affiliate, the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), endorsed incumbent State Representative Abel Herrero (D-Robstown). ”I am proud to receive the endorsement of our state affilliate of the NRA whose organization protects the and preserves the rights of responsible gun owners across Texas,” stated Rep. Herrero.

n a written statement, TSRA PAC Legislative Director, Alice Tripp, stated, in part, “the NRA state affiliate is pleased to announce to its members and all Texans that you [Rep. Abel Herrero] are the ‘A’ rated and endorsed candidate for the 2010 election cycle.”

“As a fellow gun owner, I fully support the constitutionally protected right for Americans to responsibly bear arms,” said Rep. Herrero. “I proudly stand with law-abiding Americans to protect their right of gun ownership.”

The TSRA has a proud heritage spanning over 80 years. Its 40, 000 members play an essential role in preserving the rich heritage of the 2nd amendment, and promoting education and training for responsible firearm usage. Representative Herrero looks forward to working with TSRA in the future."​
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Herrero is now within 62 votes of the leader. Thanks for your help, everyone! Texas right-to-carry advocates appreciate it.
I just voted, he is in the lead now.
I just voted, he is in the lead now.
Gonzales just pulled ahead of Herrero again.

1. Veronica Gonzales - District 41 - 2069 Votes
2. Abel Herrero - District 34 - 2015 Votes
3. Paula Pierson - District 93 - 1329 Votes
I hit it
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