I could not use this because my fold-over-the-top stock Rem 870 shotgun required this to be mounted way too far forward, so my loss is your gain. You’re welcome to pick it up in Houson for $100 cash, or it’s $100 + $15 Priority Mail shipped to your door for $115 total.
. The unit is like-new with no marks or scratches, nor any fingerprints-smudges on the lens. Everything in the photos is included, along with the standard original CR2032 battery and the low profile mount seen on the right side of the photo. Here’s some useful info for you about the unit workings; the knob has numerous intensity settings that are numbered from 0 to 11. It is discussed on forums & feedbacks that these units often do not have a sharp “click” when you turn the dial, but you do feel the very firm and positive indents. The graduations are clearly numbered on the outside of the dial, and you set the red-dot intensity to whatever number you like. When not in use, you turn the dial just a little so it is between two indents or numbers and the red-dot goes off. To turn it back on where you had it last, you simply rotate the dial a tad back onto the indent in either direction. The red-dot instantly turns back on. Or just leave the unit on for 2-3 years!!! The unit works perfect and has Vortex "Unlimited, Unconditional, Lifetime warranty". I bought it new and paid $150 plus $12 tax for it!! I will ship this in a cardboard outer box via USPS Priority mail using clearly printed labels.(and NOT a flimsy mailer bag) The price is firm. I’m in the North Houston suburbs for pickup if you’re local. I have 26 positive feedback on GunBroker having sold guns for as much as $1700 there. (buyers mentioned it in my feedbacks there). I have 234 feedback on EBay too with items up to $800 and no neutral or negatives at either place. My user name at both places is flitepac. If you like, you are welcome to contact me by my user name there (flitepac) at Ebay or GunBroker and I will respond to you from there so you know I’m legit.

I am a long time participating member here on GlockTalk and I’m NOT about to ruin my good name and all the fun I have here over a few bucks. lol. PayPal F&F or USPS MO only, or cash in person. (ie; No Cashier’s Checks. No Walmart or Convenience Store MO’s) I will carefully package and ship this within 2 days of receiving your payment, very often the same day or the next day, and the tracking number is sent to you the same day I ship it. I always inform my buyers when I received their payment, and when I intend to ship. I hate when sellers leave me in the dark without saying a word, and so I don’t do that to others. If you have any questions feel free to ask.