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Vista Wireless Connectivity Problem ??

  1. So I bought a new HP Pavillion laptop with Vista on it for my daughter to take to college.
    It works well, except for wireless connectivity, which keeps dropping, then you have to go thru all kinds of monkey motions with the networking center to get it reconnected.

    Network works when plugged into eithernet. Problem is with wireless.

    I have 6 wired and 4 wireless computers connecting to the net though the same wireless router with no problem.

    I talked to HP & they said they'd get back to me (but haven't yet..)

    Anyone know if this is a widespread problem with HPs or Vista ? Or just this particular computer ?
  2. I had problems with my Vista desktop and wireless to the point I turned it off and ran the 30 foot cat5 instead. It would usually be fine for internet browsing but downloading would be hit or miss. I also had problems trying to get WPA or WPA2 to work at all. WEP worked fine.
  3. Sounds like I'm not alone. Seems like a software problem 'cuz it comes up working after a reboot... but doesn't last long.

    I use WEP because some of the older computers on the wireless net won't do the later security schemes.

    A laptop that won't do wireless sux !
  4. I don't know enough to help you any further, but it sounds like there may be another program interfering with the wireless if it comes up after reboot and goes down again. It wouldn't surprise me if the drivers just aren't very good with vista yet, but I have no idea if or when that will get fixed.
  5. No problems with my HP Vista lap top, so I don't think its a wide spread issue.
  6. It apparently is...
    Google 'vista wireless problems'....
    Looks like M$ got some fixin' to do....