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While we reside in Texas, me and 2 friends will be traveling into Nevada to visit FrontSight for a couple days. We can carry concealed from Texas, through New Mexico, and Arizona but we don't have reciprocity with Nevada.

Now I'm reading were Nevada has open carry for residents as well as visitors. We'll be staying outside Vegas (Pahrump, NV) which is actually Nye County.

We are all intimately familiar with Texas Statutes but can someone help us out on Nevada law. Does anyone have a short and quick can do/can not do list?


Nevada law (IANAL):
Nevada is a defacto open carry state and you may open carry if you choose. If you open carry in the high traffic tourist areas of Las Vegas you may have a visit from Metro or, Casino personnel may/will ask you to leave the property if you open carry in any casino. If anyone in authority in any private establishment asks you to leave you must leave under Nevada's trespass law.

There is no restriction on having a firearm in your car, open or concealed as long as it is not concealed on your person (unless you have a permit).

There is statewide preemption, but the Attorney General, on her web-site indicades that she may not think it applies in all cases.

If you have a permit that is valid in Nevada:

Recognition of permits issued by other states:

Out of State Carry Concealed Weapon Permit Recognition

Effective Oct 1, 2007

In accordance with Senate Bill 237 passed by the 2007 Nevada Legislature the State of Nevada will recognize the following States' CCW permit holders:

Alaska, Arkansas, Florida (added January 3, 2008), Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan (added May 9, 2008), Missouri, Nebraska, Tennessee and Utah

This law allows holders of valid permits from these states to carry a concealed weapon while in the State of Nevada. The permit must be in the possession of the issuee at all times while carrying a firearm.


You may carry concealed in Nevada ANYWHERE except:

Buildings at the airport,
Schools (including colleges) and child care facilitys,
Public buildings (that means Government buildings) that are posted or have metal detectors.

That includes casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, whorehouses (they are legal in parts of Nevada), ANYWHERE. They may ask you to leave for any reason, or no reason at all, and, under Nevada's trespass law, you must leave.

You may drink while carrying. The BAC limit is 0.10 (DUI is 0.08, when they lowered it to get federal highway money they did not change the limit for CCW).


I hope this clears up any questions. Nevada laws concerning weapons are, for the most part at NRS 202.253 through 202.369.

Have fun in Nevada. Bring lots of money.



Crimes Against the Person

NRS 200.120 “Justifiable homicide” defined. Justifiable homicide is the killing of a human being in necessary self-defense, or in defense of habitation, property or person, against one who manifestly intends, or endeavors, by violence or surprise, to commit a felony, or against any person or persons who manifestly intend and endeavor, in a violent, riotous, tumultuous or surreptitious manner, to enter the habitation of another for the purpose of assaulting or offering personal violence to any person dwelling or being therein.

[1911 C&P § 129; RL § 6394; NCL § 10076]—(NRS A 1983, 518)

NRS 200.130 Bare fear insufficient to justify killing; reasonable fear required. A bare fear of any of the offenses mentioned in NRS 200.120, to prevent which the homicide is alleged to have been committed, shall not be sufficient to justify the killing. It must appear that the circumstances were sufficient to excite the fears of a reasonable person, and that the party killing really acted under the influence of those fears and not in a spirit of revenge.

[1911 C&P § 130; RL § 6395; NCL § 10077]

NRS 200.200 Killing in self-defense. If a person kills another in self-defense, it must appear that:

1. The danger was so urgent and pressing that, in order to save his own life, or to prevent his receiving great bodily harm, the killing of the other was absolutely necessary; and

2. The person killed was the assailant, or that the slayer had really, and in good faith, endeavored to decline any further struggle before the mortal blow was given.

[1911 C&P § 137; RL § 6402; NCL § 10084]


NRS 200.275 Justifiable infliction or threat of bodily injury not punishable.



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Ken hit it pretty much on the head. Open carry is a lot more common and accepted in Pahrump than LV. Too many Kalifornicators here in LV that panic when they see a gun. If you want to mosey over to, there's a few members there that have some land to shoot on.

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Thanks guys!

We'll mostly be traveling from a hotel in Pahrump to Front Sight. We'll probably venture into Vegas at least once.

It's just comforting knowing that we can carry while in NV.

Thanks again!

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You'll enjoy Front Sight. I have a CCW but while I took classes at Front Sight, I open carried in Pahrump with no issues.
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