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Visiting California for a week

  1. As the title states I will be flying into LAX on April 20th. We will be staying in LA for two days (20th and 21st) then driving to San Diego for two (22nd and 23rd). Then we are driving to Yuma AZ for a few hours and then head back to Huntington Beach for a night (24th). Then will will drive back to LA and fly out the next morning(25th and 26th).

    What are some things to do along the way? We are not pressed for time and have no where to be except San Diego (family) even there it's just an Aunt that lives there and we are not staying with her. Our schedule is wide open.

    Has to be family oriented as it will be my wife, two young kids (2 and 3) and myself.

    We want to do the touristy area in Hollywood, see the sign, walk of fame, etc. my wife has a friend in Glendale that we will also visit for a couple of hours.

    We don't want to stray to far from the coast because of drive times. What are some good places to eat? Good hotels? Attractions, etc?

    Thanks in advance. This be our first visit to California but are well traveled.
  2. Eat:
    The Breakfast Bar in Long Beach on Atlantic Ave for a great breakfast
    SOL Cocina in Newport Beach for a great lunch with great scenery
    Guelaguetza in Koreatown (near Hollywood) for the best Mexican food
    Get a Double Double at In-N-Out Burger

    Things to do:
    Horseback ride near the HOLLYWOOD sign at Sunset Ranch
    Shop in Santa Monica at the 3rd St. Promenade
    Do the Warner Bros Studio Tour.
    Newport Beach Whale Watching
    Drive up PCH to Santa Barbara if you have time
    Stay out of Compton
  3. I've lived in So. Cal. pretty much my entire life. I work for the city of Los Angeles and drive all over this place every day.

    Where are you from? I'm guessing this may be your first time here.

    When you say "good places to eat" there are iconic places and then there are places that are not famous but serve decent chow. Thai, Mexican, Soul food, Mediterranian, Kosher etc.

    Walk along the Venice Beach Boardwalk during the day, The Hollywood Walk of Fame: Saturday night is the craziest but Friday night should be good too. The kids love it, the adults will marvel at the kooks and other tourists there.

    Museum of Science and Industry at Exposition Park (Space Shuttle Endeavour is there, very cool) Petersen Auto Museum, Nethercutt Auto Museum (free, world class, amazing), The Getty, Skirball Cultural Center...

    There are other places to walk around and check out downtown, low cost and so on.

    Tell us a little more about what type of activity you and yours like to do.
  4. Yuma??
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  6. Do not go to Hollywood. It's a terrible area.
  7. I used to love to go to Catalina Island when I lived in SoCal. A wonderful day trip. It might be pushing you for time though

    Lots of great suggestions above me.

  8. With kids I would go to the Griffith Observatory http://www.griffithobservatory.org/ it's pretty cool, and has good views of the city.

    Newport Beach is fun, and family friendly. Los Angeles has pretty much everything. What kind of things did you like to?

    Disneyland? San Diego wild animal park? Legoland? Tons of good beaches?

    Where do you live now?
  9. What??? The smell urine and feces makes it a terrible area??? Or maybe its the stinky homeless people camped out on the sidewalk?? Either way, you are correct, it sucks.
  10. There's a petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano that my grandkids love, Zoomars.
  11. The Walk of Fame and tourist areas are fine. I drive through there every other day.
  12. Just make sure you time it right to show up in AZ with an empty gas tank. Fill up in the Copper State and save a bunch of $$$. If you were able to bring any firearms with you from CA you would be able to unlock them and carry them legally and proudly. Don't buy any regular (high capacity) magazines and expect to take them back legally.
  13. Eat at The Crab Cooker. Newport Beach.
  14. Check out the star of India ship in San Diego. Anthony's fish has some excellent fish which is very close to the star of India.

    Get on the freeway from San Diego in us5 from grape street. Going north. It's like a luge run with your car.
  15. The Boiling Crab in Westminster, me love it long time.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. My folks winter in Yuma. I've been there many times.

    Gotta stop and eat at Lute's Cafe in downtown Yuma... Kids will enjoy it. Parents will be uncomfortable at some of the signage, but it is a very unique place...


  18. And you also should stop at Burgers and Beer in Yuma. If you don't like this place, then you are either a woman or a homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that..)

    Best burgers in Yuma...


    For fun, there isn't much except the territorial prison which has some awesome Old West firearms displayed along with a very cool Gatling gun.

    There is also the ginormous outdoor flea market at the fairgrounds.
  19. interesting places
  20. Cousin lives there and probably won't be there more than two hours. Don't really care about doing anything there.
  21. Hell im from Atlanta and have been to Vegas, Chicago and New York so they all smell about the same.
  22. Take your kids to Legoland. My grandkids like it better than Disneyland.

    Pick any of the nice beaches, and send a day there. San Clemente is family friendly, and has a nice pier.

    For the adults, dinner in the Gaslamp district in San Diego offers a lot of choices. I live in Orange County, so I'm pretty familiar with the area.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them.
  23. Schooner or Later on the water in Long Beach for breakfast.

    Captain Jacks in Sunset Beach for dinner.

    Rent a Duffy Boat in Alamitos Bay, Long Beach. Kids will love this. Go into Naples Island canal.
  24. I second this option. Go to Catalina Island for a day.

    You like snorkeling or SCUBA? Scuba Luv or Catalina Divers Supply can help either way. Yes it's chilly but that's why the wetsuit was invented. Even snorkeling at Casino Point is fun.
  25. How could no one have mentioned In & Out yet :eat:
  26. Post #2, I hit like on the post just because of the mention of In-N-Out. Miss it bigly!
  27. I even liked that post, lol.
    I either need to drink less or up my reading comprehension, lol.
  28. It looks like what you will be enjoying most is traffic
  29. Sadly, Anthony's on Harbor Drive (Star of India) recently closed. Still open in La Mesa but probably not the same experience.
  30. I thought maybe you had me on your ignore list!
  31. I didn't know it closed. I live in La Mesa so when I do go I usually go to the La Mesa one anyways. But I live right off the 94 so I can get downtown in like 9 minutes.

    One of my favorite restaurants to eat down by the water downtown is Ruth's Chris. It is right close to many of the things people are suggesting in this thread. Like the Star of India and the Midway aircraft carrier. Ruth's Chris has beautiful bay views and great food. Especially good steak :eat:
  32. I use the same screen name on all the forums I frequent. It's easier for some to ignore me across multiple platforms that way :D
  33. OP, just reading your OP it seems like you're going to be moving and busy most the time. Do you have a day to blow on something like Disney Land, Lego Land or the Zoo? Or are you just really asking for quick things like restaurants? Even a museum can cost half a day. Especially with tiny kids like you have.

    Which makes me think, with a 2 and 3 year old I definitely wouldn't wast time and money on any theme parks. Your kids are too little to appreciate it and probably wouldn't even remember it.

    There is a kids museum downtown that our kids love. My wife takes our 3 kids to the at least one place a week. Either the kids museum, the Zoo, Wild Animal Park, or Sea World. We have year passes to all those places. Your kids would probably like the Zoo or Sea World, but I think it would be a waste to take them to Lego Land.
  34. We have no where to be except San Diego for one night and Yuma for a few hours. We are doing that the last of the trip so that means we have five days to plan.

    Theme parks are probably out anyways since I have Disney world within 6 hours of me and six flags about 30 mins from me. Plus the kids are way to small for that.
  35. We mostly want to go to some iconic places (walk, sign) and then my wife wants to see the Santa Monica pier and china town.

    Places to eat would be some places that you can't really get on the east coast. We like seafood, good burgers, Mexican etc. we can get all of that here in Atlanta but I'm sure it's prepared differently there.

    I'm sure we will do a lot of driving but I spend about 2 hours a day in traffic to go 56 miles round trip to work and back home. So we are used to it.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions so far.

    We don't have hotels booked yet so we can adjust our plans if needed.
  36. while you are in Hollywierd, on Hollywood blvd where the Mann's Chinese theater and the walk of fame is, go south from there and then head East on Melrose to the corner of Melrose and La brea and just before Melrose turn left into the parking lot for Pink's hot dogs on the northeast corner.

    Then go around to the front on La brea and get in line and order chilidogs with sauerkraut (the best choice) or even just a plain chili dog or even a plain hot dog for the kids. There are very few places in the world that has hot dogs like these except New York City, Chicago and a couple of places in the South. It's a safe area with not too many wierdos, but you will see a few. It's also kind of a tourist spot because of all the autographed pictures inside of all the famous people who have eaten there.

    I lived in L.A. for many years until I couldn't stand it any more and I'm glad to be out of there but I miss all the different kinds of wonderful food.