Visitin San Antonio in June--what to do?

Discussion in 'Lone Star Glockers' started by jmg, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Hey, all. The wife and I will be spending 3 days in San Antonio , 3rd week of June.

    Care to shed some light on where to go, where to eat, what/where to AVOID?

    Appreciate it!

    Edit: We're from North Texas, and driving down
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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Gonna be there around then as well. We usually get a hotel on the river and get a seat early for the show! Sea World is nice if you have kids.

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    There are some really nice B&B's in the old King William District not far from down town. Or if you want a really nice hotel try the Emily Morgan Hotel. It is literally across the street from the Alamo and close walk to the Riverwalk. Our suite on the 7th floor looked down into the Alamo courtyard.

    Go tour the Alamo...downtown.

    For entertainment, if you like Dixieland Jazz, Try The Landing. It is Jim Cullum's place.

    Take the old Spanish Mission tour.

    Tour the King William district...neat old (for Texas) homes.

    Witte Museum (pronounced witt-ee)

    Eat at Shilo's Delicatessen downtown by the river..Rubens, split pea soup, homemade rootbeer.Etc...

    La Villita is near downtown with lots of old houses converted into a wide variety of shopping opportunities in a close area without fighting auto galleries too.

    Great Chinese food in a neat historical location Hung Fong up Broadway near Witte Museum

    Old Spanish governor's 'palace'.

    Fiesta Texas and Sea World can be a lot of fun

    Bullethole Gun Range

    River City shooters at Blackhawk gun range for IDPA and IPSC

    If you like basketball...S.A. Spurs

    Go up Hemisfair Tower...even if you don't want to eat at the restaurant.

    Institute of Texas Cultures

    Natural Bridge Caverns 40 minutes north just west of New Braunfels.

    Ride the narrow guage railroad at Brekinridge (sp) park.

    San Antonio Zoo

    Japanese Water Gardens

    I have lived in Central and South Texas all my life and I still enjoy all these places. A Google search should get your contact info and about everything. The Chamber of Commerce and/or Tourist and Visitors could probably send you lots of info too. More Google. There are places where your can spend a LOT of money and places which are nearly free. It has a great mix. Good luck and have fun.

    Avoid all the crummy places and situations that come with being in any big city. S.A. is the tenth largest city in the nation.

    Finally, San Antonio has A LOT of very good Mexican Food Restaurants. It has been my experience that the plainer the building and the cheaper the prices the better the food. Drive around just south of downtown and take pot luck. Look for a lot of locals eating there. The places on the Riverwalk are overpriced and underseasoned...nowhere near the best of the lot. Try it for breakfast AND for lunch or dinner.

    Have a great time. We do every time.

    Overall you will find the folks in S.A. to be very hospitable and friendly...assuming your treat them similarly, which I don't doubt.
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    Well he pretty much covered it all. Just as long as you get to the Riverwalk, Tower of Americas, and Alamo you'll be good to go. There's tons to do here and I'm sure you'll love it. We should have a GT get together during that time!
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    Get lots of Mexican food and Rudys BBQ.
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    If you can stop at Cabelas on I-35 south of Austin, do it.

    Bass Pro on I-10, right near a Rudys BBQ

    Bullet Hole ditto

    Gun stores - Dury's lots of stuff - nice, Nagels - lots of stuff - cranky, Sportsman's warehouse if you don't live near one now.

    Tom's Ribs - good - several in town

    Boardwalk Bistro on Broadway and Hilterbrand - lunch

    Mencius on Fredericksburg and Medical for Chinese.

    Fancy - Bistro Vitale, Le Reve

    Nice parks - Mary Frederich for a hike on I-10 north of 1604

    Day trip

    Fredericksburg - the town

    Lockhart - BBQ
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    Feb 11, 2007
    Agree with everyone so far with one exception:

    Hung Fong is not good Asian. Van's, nearby, is a little more pricey, but *far* better. Mon's Thai Bistro on Broadway is fantastic, as is Tong's Thai on Austin Highway. However, none of them are in a location close to downtown.

    If you are downtown and want something different from the Riverwalk, Southtown is fun. Rosario's is the go-to place for Mexican. The Guenther House/Pioneer Flour Mill does an excellent brunch and is nearly at the end of King William Street. Blue Star Brewery is a great microbrewery at the Blue Star Arts complex. (Honey, you can go look at art, I'll make sure the beer stays cold over here. :thumbsup: ) Avoid "La Focaccia", it's the worst Italian I have ever had.

    Don't go east of 281/37 downtown. They have the overpasses lit up like Christmas in rainbow colors so the poor tourists don't know they are being guided into the ghetto.

    If you are looking for Margarhitas, The Naked Iguana has the best happy hour on the Riverwalk, with huge margies for 7$.
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    The Alamo. The Shrine of Texas Freedom.