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Virtual Memory Problem

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Trying to play the game demo that came with my graphics card (XFX 7900GT) and I get the following error.

Warning : Your Windows Virtual Memory swap file is less than the minimum recommended size of 140Mb You may have to reduce video detail settings in the game in order to play Delta Force Land Warrior. Please refer to the README.TXT for more information.

I have tried to Google a fix for this with no luck.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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You do have some problem. I do hope that you have more than 140MB of RAM in your PC. Here’s how to change the size of your swap file if you’re running XP:
Go to Control Panel > System > Advance > Performance > Settings > Advance > Virtual memory and choose "Custom Size". Make the Initial size 1.5 the amount of RAM you have on your system (or at least the same size as your RAM). Make the max size twice the initial size (3 times the amount of Ram). For 256MB of RAM, the initial size should be 384MB and the maximum size should be 768MB. Select “Set” to apply the new settings. Click OK and reboot your PC. Your problem should be fixed.
I will give this a try. I believe it is currently set up at 2GB initial size and 2GB max size. I will try changing the settings to initial size 3GB and max size 6GB.

I ran 3Dmark06 and got a score of around 4250. Is that good? Is that score being hindered by the virtual memory problem?

Here is my PC build.

11-133-154 CASE THERMALTAKE|VA8000BWS BLK RT 1 $139.99 $139.99

13-131-524 MB ASUS A8N-SLI NF4SLI 939 1 $106.99 $106.99
For Asus Tech Support, Please Call 502-995-0883 or

14-150-139 VGA XFX 7900GT 256MB PV-T71G-UDE7 1 $294.99 $294.99

17-103-931 >POWER SUPPLY ANTEC TPII-550ATX RTL 1 $89.99 $89.99

19-103-539 CPU AMD|A64 3700+ 2.2G 939 1M R 1 $235.00 $235.00
For Retail AMD processor, please call 408 749-3060 for service after first 30 days. For OEM AMD processor, we will service for 30 days only. Please verify the Processor matches your order Prior To installation. IMPORTANT: Always pack your CPU well for return. We will refuse your RMA if we received it as DAMAGED!

20-227-210 MEM 1Gx2|D400 OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K R 1 $186.99 $186.99
For Tech support call: 408 986 8400 or email [email protected]

21-104-104 FD 1.44MB|MITSUMI FA404M BLK% 1 $19.99 $19.99

22-154-414 HD 250G|ST 7K 16M SATA ST3250623NS 1 $94.99 $94.99
This item is serviced by the SeaGate. Please call 800 -732-4283 for service.

23-126-175 KB&MS LOGITECH|MX3000 CRDLS DESKTOP 1 $74.99 $74.99

24-116-355 ***MNTR VWSNC|LCD 19" 5MSDVI VX924 1 $304.99 $304.99
Viewsonic Service: 800 888 8583

27-101-131 DVD-ROM SONY 16X DDU1615/B2s BK % 1 $19.99 $19.99
For Sony Monitor Support Contact: 1-866-357-7669 for all other products contact: 800-222-7669

27-106-015 DVD BURN LITEON|SHM-165H6S RAM BK R 1 $48.99 $48.99

29-102-188 SOUND CARD CREATIVE|X-FI XTREME RTL 1 $116.99 $116.99
Creative Labs (800)-998-1000

37-102-062 MS WIN XP PRO w/SP2 SINGLE PACK % 1 $141.99 $141.99
Please Note CD keys are listed on the outside of the plastic wrap accompanying your product.
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FWIW, I have 2GB of DDR in my sig rig; I set the swap file to 768MB-1536MB.

I would never set a WVM file to over 2GB, myself. Defeats the purpose in taking its control away from Winders, if you ask me.
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