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Vietnam the Great Divide

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by lowflash, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. lowflash


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    Oct 28, 2002
    Vietnam the great divide. I believe those that were there and those that were not have differences that appear not to be reconcilable in our lifetime. Vietnam and the Vietnam experience is rift with generalities and miss conceptions. Each has a point of view and validates it for their justification.

    As a group Vietnam veterans have been stereotyped, misconstrued, demonized, vilified, marginalized and misrepresented by our so-called cultural elite. (This should not be limited to the cultural elite there have been others to numerous to mention.)

    The experience of going to the “Wall” in Washington DC is and was profound. Recently I wrote an article for a news letter that in part stated the following” Why I survived and others perished I do not understand for I was no better than they. If death is an act of random selection it is beyond my comprehension and acceptance. I do not have the power to bring the dead back to the living but I have the power of remembrance. “This was written this past Memorial Day.

    The Vietnam experience is with us to day with the current presidential election.

    We have our differences of opinion but let us on Election Day vote our beliefs but more important than that let us do what is best for our nation and those who serve in defense of the nation.

    Honor – Valor – Fidelity
  2. magsnubby

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    Apr 24, 2004
    fresno, ca
    Although i'm not a Viet Nam veteren ( i was one of the lucky ones i was in Germany), I have some close friends who's names are on the wall. Guys i went to high school with, guys i was in basic with ,co-workers and neighbors.

    I remember thinking i wish i was the Secretary of the Navy so i could recall Kerry to active duty and court marshall him for dereliction of duty. If he really witnessed the atrocities he testified to (which is highly unlikely) it was his duty as an officer to report them.

    He not only disgraced the uniform but every man and woman who ever served. He spit on the graves of everyone who died in that war.

    Someday when he stands before God he will pay for his treason.

  3. tackdriver

    tackdriver Desert Member

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    Nov 12, 2002
    I appreciate all the in-country vets, especially all that spent time in the field. I was born in .75.

    Nothing can be done to repair the damage done by those AT HOME. The American Public non-veterans will never know the sacrifices given by their service people. Some may never appreciate the quality of their lives paid for by veterans.

    Thank you gentlemen and women.