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My Uncle served in Vietnam in 1969 with the 3rd Battalion, 1st infantry Regiment of the Americal as a 1st Lieutenant Infantry Platoon Commander.
I am in possession of a large quantity of slides that he shot during his tour.
I am having them scanned professionally so that I can distribute the digitized images among family and his Vets group.
But eventually, I would like to see them go to a good home that will get them into the historical record of the Vietnam war. Many of the photos are impressive, like something one would see in documentary footage, as well as a lot of candid shots of him and his buddies during downtime at the FSB. My wife and I had a slideshow last night and it was probably the first time in decades any of those images had been looked at, and i suspect many of them had never been seen by anyone but him and his wife. It was really quite impressive and touching.

Does anyone know of a historical association where these slides would find a fitting permanent home when I am done with them?
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