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Spent the day with the new G17. Not my first choice for a skijaunt pistol but it is what I have. My G20 just arrived but I haven't picked it up yet and then will need to make the holster for it. Future skijaunts will of course be posted in the 10 Ring department.

Anyway, the 17 feels like nothing, very light and accurate. Shot typical targets of opportunity, drawing on the run or stopped.

Came down out of the high country and then checked snares. Long haul. No yotes in the snares this time. Doing my best to clean up the woods trash. Saw some birds, an eagle and one wolf track up high. More trash...

Some pix of the day;

I'm a South Paw but made a right hand holster {actually, for my SIG 226's, but fits the Glock} for center back carry. Easy to reach behind and grab.

You've all seen one of these before;

Just my tracks up there;

A different world down low. Different gear, too, this one also left hand rig I made for my SIG226;

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