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*Video* Textbook traffic stop....

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I'd have a hard time not laughing when calling this in to dispatch...
Watch the whole video(its not long)
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He seemed a little confused on where P was.
Dispatch, Show one in custody. DWI - Collision. Assign case # for offense and crash # for the collision. 10-8.
Cop seems pretty nonplussed.
Cop is gonna really get sued on this one...

"He told me to step out of the vehicle. He never said to put it in park first"...

I'd love to be fly on the wall at that DUI hearing. :supergrin:

"Well, Your Honor I was on patrol......"
In Texas you are required by law to set the emergency brake before exiting your vehicle.
"Uh...Dispatch...need a supervisor for a 4-D....I'm 10-4....need EMS as well...."
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