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Video of my cat eating

  1. Here is a video of my crazy cat eating food. He likes to remove 1-2 morsels at a time from the bowl with his paw before devouring them.

    You can't see it on the video but this process leaves a colossal mess which has to be vacuumed up almost every day.


  2. haha, that's cute!
  3. Cute, & a cool looking kitty!
  4. hah, my cat does that too. He'll lay down next to the bowl though.
  5. Ditto here. Gotta get me one of those trays with the raised lip around the edge.
  6. I just showed the video to SheWhoMustBeObeyed, and she reminded me that Paintbrush (now deceased) went through a phase of eating like that for awhile. She would NOT put her face in the bowl, and insisted on using her LEFT paw just like your kitty used its right paw. Eventually, she just started eating like a normal cat.

    We have no idea why.