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Video- A FAILBlog Valentine's Day Special

  1. :rofl:
  2. I don't know, but videos like this are funny in an "Ooh, that sucks!" kind of way.

    I can tell you from personal experience that one of the best places to propose is on a beach at night, when there is no one else around. :hearts:
  3. I proposed on the beach around sunset. There were people around but they had no idea what I was doing.

    I don't understand the need to make a big spectacle of it.
  4. When you don't know 100% that the answer will be a resounding "YES"....why on earth do it in public...that's dumb for you and really crappy spot to put the lady in. I think the guys should be a little more clear on the status of their relationship before popping the question in front of 1000s.

    Makes for great videos though :)
  5. :agree:
  6. I proposed in the middle of NOWHERE. That way, if things went bad...the shovel in my pickup and 1911 on my hip....I KID I KID! :)

  7. Ouch!!!!
  8. :rofl::rofl:
  9. Why were you in the middle of nowhere in "black face"?


    A little Clearisil will fix that right up.

    *I* kid...
  10. We both like photography. I knew the answer would be yes, she just didn't know when I would ask. I planned a fake "photography" trip to a new area we hadn't been. Set up my tripod like a little "hey let's take a picture together". I pretended like I dropped my shutter release for the camera on the ground, so I got down to pick it up...pulled the ring outta my pocket and BAM!
  11. Some guys don't know how to tell. They're 100% certain and the girl isn't close. The term for that sort of man is "horse's ass". Don't go into business with them, either.

    Loads of 'em.
  12. Epic fail! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Me only- If I do every ask a woman for marriage, I would not go down on one knee either. I am just not into that "its always be tradition stuff". I rather stand up and look the person in the face.

    I am just not into all of that played out, old stuff.
  14. Those are painful to watch!
  15. :rofl:
  16. I proposed on a local TV show and then watched the broadcast with my wife that night.

  17. Nope...alone on a boat. If she says yes you can motor around romantically. If she says no...just a little push and you can motor away.

    heh, there was a guy that did it recently at a hockey game. It's bad enough when everyone sees the girl reject him. Then the news people show it on the news channels...hehe.

    Edit: Looks like the hockey one was posted.