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Vickers G17 RTF (FDE)

  1. Finally put my hands on one at a decent price. Most places around here sell them for $650 plus. I landed two of these for sub $550 each. Wish I could find a Plum G19 now.....

  2. Cool, congrats on a great gun.
  3. Very nice. Congrats on the Vickers. I like them but every time I find one, something else distracts me (like the summer specials) and I end up with something else. Like now, I'm picking up parts to finish a scary black rifle build. ;) One of these days I'll probably pick one up cause IMO they are pretty cool and having a Vicker's SN kind of makes it more legit. Enjoy and please post a range report when you can.
  4. Great gun, the longer I shoot and use it the more I appreciate it. It "grows on you" so to speak. the little changes are subtle and not dramatic but they just work well. I bought mine from a local range/shop that had ordered it for a customer without a deposit and they were "stuck with it". less than $600 out the door and I was happy. The RTF-2 is at first almost annoying on a CCW piece but it does soften with use and it's definitely a viable grip surface in so many ways.
  5. That’s nice, I like it a lot. Except for the sights the Vicker’s parts are uninstalled, right?
  6. There's one on Gunbroker right now.
  7. Love my Vickers!!
  8. Sweet. Congrats