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Very close, check out the video.

  1. a successful tie of the low altitude record. (if you don't count the Salton Sea ;) )
  2. i'm surprised the props didn't get damaged
  3. Dang! I liked how the narrator hardly missed a beat.
  4. If you pause it against the sky background just before and just after the profile does look different. It does look damaged to me. Yep, that was close.
  5. One lucky pilot.
  6. Simply an optical illusion and showmanship.

    The AC is one of the NOS built Yak-3Ms and swinging a nearly 12' prop that most likely would have contacted the ground first. If the AOA was high enough for the prop to clear then the belly scoop/radiator could have made contact, but the AOA was pretty shallow.

    Not to mention a ground contact in one of few -3's in the US would have been all over the AS/AV news. Its hard to tell but that looks like Art Nalls's Yak and there is no way he (or any pilot) would have gone into aleron rolls after a ground contact.

    But that is his styly of flying... :supergrin: