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I carry tons of paperwork, as most do. I currently have an Office Depot type plastic hanging file case that sits in the back of my Tahoe. It has a handle which makes it very convenient to grab and go as the need arises. However, the latching mechanism is very cheap, and has broken on me numerous times, sending my paperwork flying throughout the parking lot. I've gone through countless Office Depot boxes, which have all self-destructed. They work fine for sitting in the office, but rolling around in the back with my other stuff kills them very quick.

I keep my commonly used forms etc up front with me in a seat organizer, which rocks.

I've been looking into getting a more robust solution for my small Library of Congress in the back... I've found the Pelican 1430 ( which is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, but 90 bucks seems steep. I know Pelican stuff rocks, and you get what you pay for, but I'm lowly Patrol... I'd rather spend the extra $$ on ammo, training, or something else, other than a stupid file box......

Has anyone else found anything similar, or a better solution?

Until the Department graduates to the current decade, I'm stuck with toting around a small rainforest of forms.....


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