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Valtro 1998 A1

  1. Got this 1911 John Jardine Valtro on a trade last winter. I'd consider selling it for the right price. Keep in mind this gun is in Canada and qualifies for BATF import into the US. valtro 1.jpeg
  2. I have one of those myself.

    Best to use Gunbroker instead of signing up for a forum just to sell something.
  3. That's a great 2nd post. Got anything else for sale?
  4. In the collectible category, I have a 2nd generation Colt SAA in 38spl. Blued, in great shape. But it too is in Montreal, and I doubt anyone would think there's any sense in importing it.
  5. I have a Valtro, but it's a magazine fed 12G pump.
  6. :laughabove:
  7. I thought Valtros were a direct import to Canada, not through Mr Jardine. Did he put in the Dlask trigger, extended slide stop, mag well funnel, and enlarged magazine catch button?
  8. A number of guns in Canada are imported from the US. This one certainly is; it has Jardine's markings on it.
  9. CA markings
  10. I also had one but sold it several years ago!

  11. i used to work a quarter mile from jardins place. nice gun.
  12. i used to work a quarter mile from jardins place. nice gun.
  13. tree-fiddy-5be635.jpg
  14. I hate to be the bearer of unwelcome news, OP, but, odds are pretty strong that John Jardine never worked on that gun. The San Rafael import marking doesn't mean anything in and of itself. It was applied at the time of production in Italy, not by John Jardine.

    I own two consecutive SN, unfired/NIB Valtros, and I've talked to John on the phone a few times. (If you have any experience with talking with John on the phone, you'll know that one call with him lasts well over an hour on average, even if you only had one question to ask, and will involve multiple fascinating stories spanning both the globe and decades of his life.) My first call was to find out if the pair I was looking at had actually seen time on his bench, since enough searching for info about Valtros will turn up the fact that a lot of non-Jardine Valtros, complete with the San Rafael import mark, have been coming into the U.S. from Canada for years now. Instead of a simple yes or no on the pair I was considering, I got a yes -- plus a good bit of the history of the Valtro/Jardine collaboration (and a bunch of other wild stories).

    The condensed version relevant to your situation is this: Valtro stamped the guns with the San Rafael, CA import mark. John imported the already-marked pistols. He also rejected a significant percentage of the guns he received from Valtro as not meeting his initial minimum quality standards and sent them back to Italy. (The percentage he rejected must have been pretty damn high, because, before looking in his books, he told me he would bet against anyone having two of his Valtros with consecutive SNs.) After some time, Valtro ultimately broke their agreement with him to not re-release these pistols for sale. (Can't remember now whether the agreement was to not resell these pistols outside of Italy or at all.) Many of these "rejects" were ultimately exported to Canada, counter to that initial agreement. John says that any Valtro encountered in Canada is a near statistical certainty to be one of these pistols that he rejected.

    The only way to know for certain to have him look up the serial number in his books. There's no surefire external tell as to whether a Valtro is a genuine Jardine Valtro or one that he rejected and returned to Italy.
  15. Is his phone number on the Valtro USA site?

  16. No, that site has been frozen in time for almost all of this century, and none of the numbers there are current. The further bad news I have is that it is not easy to get ahold of him, to put it mildly. His books have been closed for a while now, and he doesn't publicize his contact info. He does provide lifetime service to people who own Valtros he worked on, but how those owners who don't have his current contact info (e.g., non-original purchasers) are supposed to obtain it is unclear.

    I got connected to John because he was essentially doing a favor for someone I know who knows him. One condition of receiving his contact info was that I absolutely not give it out to anyone else. And he repeated that request (or polite demand) when we first spoke on the phone. He said he had received a bunch of requests for info from prospective buyers and actual buyers of what were the rejected, Canadian-export Valtros over the past several years. Despite how friendly he has been with me, it's pretty clear that he is just "over it" at this point when it comes to Valtros. I imagine this is part of why he is so hard to run down these days.

    My suggested workaround is a pain in the ass, but it's really the best I can do: If you comb through enough Valtro searches through Google, you will see that a few other posters on some other forums either have one or more of his full-custom builds, have builds in progress, and/or shoot with him in CA. (I'm not one of these people; I'm just a non-original purchaser who has had a few phone conversations with him.) You can join forums and PM one or more of these people and ask if they can put you in touch with John. You will almost certainly need someone who knows him fairly well (again, that's not me) to connect you to him to get any response from him at all.

    I wish I could be more helpful than that. And I really wish that there were some sort of verified list of Jardine Valtros by serial number, but that info doesn't appear to exist outside of his books.

  17. Well, that's a crying shame.
  18. Ha. A little, yeah.

    I’ve come close to finding a third one as a shooter a couple of times in the last year and a half for way less than the typical (absurd) GB asking prices, but the deals didn’t go through. A friend/shooting buddy of mine has a Jardine Valtro that I put a few mags through on occasion, so shooting one is not some unrevealed mystery to me. I may break down and shoot one of my two at some point if I can’t scare up a shooter Valtro at an attractive price, but I’m in no great rush. Got plenty of other nice 1911s to shoot.
  19. Still have mine...
  20. Tomorrow, Sunday, 10:30pm Eastern, this Valtro will sell for at least $4800. It's the Gunbroker auction mentioned above.
  21. I’ll be interested to see how it finishes
  22. One bid. $4,800.
  23. Kind of disappointing

    I thought it would bring more
  24. I’d bet that the difficulty in obtaining Jardine provenance was a factor.
  25. I haven't found any confirmation online that they were directly exported to Canada. There are some manufacturers that do, but then they don't put US import markings on them. I have owned other firearms with US markings, and it means they were re-imported from the US to Canada. The Canadian market is 1/10th the US's, so many European outfits don't directly export to Canada. If Valtro made 1998A1s apart from the ones John Jardine customized, I do not see why Valtro would invite problems by claiming they were also Jardine custom. Maybe I'm missing some information on this, but to export a gun with the claim that it was imported elsewhere and presumably re-exported seems beneath sketchy.